You'll Wish You Were Invited to This Whimsical Wedding in Italy
September 7, 2017
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This is one of the best wedding week itineraries ever – welcome dinner on Monday, horse race on Tuesday, pool and pizza party on Wednesday, wine tasting and a masquerade rehearsal dinner on Thursday, and wedding day on Saturday. An epic week like this could only be accomplished with the skills of the incredible team at Italyweddings, with florals by Le Petit Jardin. Check out the snaps by David Bastianoni, and you'll be wishing you were invited to this fun-filled celebration!
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From the Bride... It was not entirely about getting married, being Bride and Groom, or wanting to be together forever. We had already committed ourselves to each other in all the ways that mattered to the two of us. We met in college when we were 18 years old — before we could understand how deep our paths were intertwined. When we graduated, we moved across the big pond to Japan and proceeded over the next five years to travel all over the world together. We lived an adventurous existence where it was just the two of us. It was when we were going to lose our last grandfather that we realized we needed to do something for our families.

None of this would have been possible without Martina and the Italyweddings team, including the ever-talented Marisa and Ben. From the very first email, we knew we were in the best hands. We wanted to change the traditional paradigm for weddings, and our ideas were embraced with enthusiasm. With five catered events over six days, Martina’s planning acumen was tested. She delivered everything with calm, grace, and perfection. Martina was one of our closest friends as we planned the extravagant Italian wedding, and it will always be to her that we are eternally grateful.

From Italyweddings... Malory and AJ have always been close to their grandparents. When Malory’s grandfather was dying after years of battling cancer, they decided that the last worthwhile gift they could give him and their grandmothers would be to get engaged. They made it back to the US a week before he passed and for his last birthday. They got to show him the ring they chose together and let him know that they would be alright. To honor AJ’s grandfather, who was his hero as a kid, AJ married with his grandfather’s ring — a gorgeous, engraved signet ring.

For the love of their family, Malory and AJ got married. But they had lived abroad for so long that marrying Stateside didn't fit. They had the choice between a 300 guest wedding in the US or 60 of their most treasured in Italy. It wasn't really a difficult decision. For their wedding, Malory and AJ wanted a week full of family, friends, delicious food, fine drink, and unlimited excuses to live la dolce vita like you can only do in Italy. They worked with the our team to create a week of events culminating in a wedding, to celebrate love with family.

The week started with a welcome dinner on Monday, hosted by Malory’s parents at Borgo Stomennano. On Tuesday, the wedding party went to Siena to join the revelry of the Palio di Siena horse race. Wednesday was dedicated to pool and pizza, with the most talented pizzaiolo making fresh pizzas all evening. On Thursday, they toasted Bacchus with a wine tasting and spent the night feasting and dancing under the full moon for the masquerade-themed rehearsal dinner. With a week to celebrate with family and friends, all the stress of the wedding day melted away. In the shade of a beautiful olive grove below a grand Tuscan villa, the moment can only be remembered as perfect.

The ceremony was officiated by Malory and AJ’s brothers, one older and one younger, the flanks to their relationship. The Best Man read from Haruki Murakami’s “Wind Up Bird Chronicle”, chosen by the Groom. The Maid of Honor read from “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin”, chosen by the Bride. Malory and AJ wrote their own vows and the words to the wine ceremony that would bind them. With two magnum bottles, one red and one prosecco, they mixed old tradition with their own beliefs to create vows that they wrote together.
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