Celebrating Seven Years With an Iconic View
September 7, 2017
Tri State
With a sweet couple celebrating seven years of wedded bliss and a view of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge as a backdrop, Esther Sun captured what can best be described as pure magic. Each and every image captures the beauty of love, the beauty of Brooklyn and the celebration of seven wonderful years.
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From the couple... Anniversaries, an opportunity to look back and fill up on gratitude for all the blessings through the years. 7 years after our wedding, we’ve passed many milestones - first jobs, first apartment, two lovely daughters, our first business, first pets, first mini van… We also picked up our fair share of battle wounds and scars, won many victories, had suffocating lows, blessed many, and received even more blessings and promises. Honestly, we have been in such a busy and chaotic season in our lives that I wondered if we would have the time or energy to take a night off and celebrate. But this year, not only did we have our first date night in ages, but we also took a day to get dressed up, get hair and makeup done, and have our photos taken for the first time in 7 years! Because marriage is worth celebrating. Because our wedding day was the last time I focused on the importance of preserving our memories of us as a couple. And because showing our girls how to honor, love and respect each other well is one of the best things we can do for them. I’m convinced the world needs more positive images not just of the wedding day, but also the many years of marriage. We need to celebrate the sacredness of marriage and cherish the day-in and day-out, sometimes non-glamorous, displays of forgiveness, perseverance, commitment, hope, selflessness, and love.