An Insanely Chic + Stylish Bali Wedding Film
September 7, 2017
ResortSummer Weddings
Holy moly this wedding is amazing! There is no other way about it. It's glamorous, chic, bursting with beauty and the couple saying "I do"? They could be celebrities with that kind of style. But enough with my chit chat; dive in and see it all for yourself with Axioo Bali's beautiful film!
From Robb of Axioo Bali...  A wedding is the height of all joyous occasions; and what better way than to celebrate it at the #1 wedding destination in the world - Bali? For Jared and Mia, it’s an intimate union of not only the couple themselves, but the joining together of the two families and friends involved in the ceremony and party. It’s a celebration filled with so much love, awesome speeches, Greek circle dance, tears of joy, and more. For one of the best Bali weddings we’ve ever seen, from this Perth couple, we wish that their happy marriage is even more beautiful and warm than the glorious wedding. Now let’s enjoy the reel and creative works from Axioo Bali, along with a snippet of words from the head of photography himself...

Jared and Mia is one of the most beautiful couples I’ve ever had the privilege to capture on camera. This gorgeous Perth’s power couple tied the knot in beautiful island of Bali. There are two things I especially loved and found exceptionally memorable about this simple yet elegant and intimate wedding. First, the speeches. Second, the Greek folk circle dance.

While the first one is something that I’ve seen and heard often, all these speeches blew me away. They were just so much genuine and heartfelt words sent this couple’s way - adding to the overall warm ambiance that everyone surely felt that evening. As for the Greek circle dance itself, that’s definitely quite rare! All the guests got up from their seats toward the dance floor, to stand arm in arm in the Greek circle dance. Opa!

At the reception, one of Mia’s uncle came up to me and asked me if I was any good at what I do. I smiled as I struggled to find the answer. But before I could say anything, he told me that I must be good because Mia, the perfectionist, hired me to document her wedding. I politely thanked him. In fact, I should have told him that the honor and pleasure was actually all mine to have been invited to capture such a beautiful wedding and witnessed the extraordinary love of Mia and Jared.