Heavenly White Wedding Inspiration To Take Your Breath Away
September 6, 2017
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When Vasia PhotographyWhite Event Studio and their entire crew of vendors set out to create a workshop shoot, a few main ideas came to mind. They wanted to play up the beauty of white-on-white wedding design with a light and airy quality in every last detail. They experimented with interesting fabrics, unexpected textures and a floral installation that will surely take your breath away. Block off your morning to-do's and find your happy place here in the full gallery.
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According to Greek color theory, white represents altruism, being, and life-creating.

Our words of inspiration: light, lustre, translucency, reflection + introspection, movement.

The inspiration words were taken and we created the table and space to represent those feelings. We wanted everything to feel as light and airy as possible, playing with fabrics and textures that you might not ordinarily find on a table such as organic pieces of crystal and hand molded clay pinch bowls.

To avoid cluttering the table with florals, our team created an incredible installation around the space that looked made it feel as if we were in the clouds.