17 Genius Wedding Planning Secrets from Our Experts

You’re getting married! Yay! Get ready for a TON of unsolicited advice – from your mom, his mom, your bestie, your coworker, a random lady at the bridal shop – you get the idea. But who better to provide guidance than actual wedding planning experts!? Right? Well, we’ve tapped the pro’s for the best tips, tricks, hacks and know-hows that we could get our hands on and you can trust us when we tell you, this is the kind of advice that you actually want.

Have a Dedicated Email Address for Planning. “Get a separate email address specifically for wedding related messages, so nothing will ever get lost in the fray of your work or personal email!” – Courtney Sorensen

Plan Your Toast Crew Wisely. “For the reception, designate a few key people to offer toasts so that toasting doesn’t turn into roasting.” – Eva Clark
Break in Those Wedding Shoes. “Don’t save your wedding shoes for your wedding day–wear them as much as possible (not too much to get scruffy) so they are so comfortable on your big day…. and if you can’t do that then bring a comfy pair for the reception.” – Amy Kimball
Bring an Extra Set of Your Paper Goods. “Remember to share an extra invitation and as well as extra ribbon, menus, programs, etc. with your photographer to ensure you get some great styled shots of your stationery pieces and details.” – Cherry Blossom Events
Cut Your Guest List. “Four words that no one wants to do, but will make your planning (and budget) easier: Cut your guest list.” – Julie Bunkley
Save for Unexpected Expenses. “Make sure to include 5-10% of the overall budget as a miscellaneous line item for unexpected expenses or when estimates come back higher than expected.” – Melissa Porter
Hydrate & Sleep. “Hydrate and get a good solid sleep the night before the big day.” – Julie Morgan
Do A First Look to Save Time. “If joining your guests at cocktail hour is important to you, consider doing a first look and family photos prior to the ceremony so that you get your photos largely out of the way !” – Bluebird Productions
Breathe. “I always remind by bride right as she is getting ready to walk down the aisle to remember to breathe to help her stay in the moment.” – LVL Weddings & Events
Give Your Wedding Planner, Photog and Videographer a VIP List. “Create a wedding party/important family member cheat sheet (with pictures, names, role) for your wedding planner, photographer, & videographer so that everyone knows who’s who (& who to capture in photos, video) for the big day!” – Blue Gardenia Events
Be Strict on Plus Ones. “Your wedding isn’t a first-date opportunity for your friends or family, so no plus ones unless someone is in a relationship that you already know about.” – David Pressman
Ask Where Your Guests are Staying. “For destination weddings, add a line on the RSVP card for accommodations so you can easily manage transportation and welcome bags.” – Becca Knuth
Go Potty Backwards. “To go to the bathroom more easily in your gown, sit on the toilet backwards. (Facing the wall)” – Krista Olynyk
Book A Venue that Matches Your Style. “Booking a reception venue that matches your overall wedding style goals will create a much more beautiful and aesthetically sound look instead of trying to change everything about the existing look of the venue (and save you money, too!).” – Valarie Falvey
Women’s Intuition is #Truth. “Always trust your gut- your first instinct is often what’s perfect for you!” – Elyse Jennings
Remember to Stay in the Moment. After all the months of planning, your wedding day will fly by – remember to pause, be in the moment, and enjoy every second, for it will prove to be your most cherished memory! – Christina Verger
Eat, Drink and Be Married! It is so easy to be pulled in different directions, spending time with all of your nearest and dearest, but at the end of the day, you want all of your memories to line up so you can share them for the rest of your lives. So make sure you eat, drink, dance and are married together, side-by-side, throughout all of the moments! Bob Gail Special Events

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