Provence Is the Perfect Place to Host a Global Wedding Celebration
September 6, 2017
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One Groom hails from the USA and one from Brazil, so when it came time for them to plan their wedding weekend, they wanted to choose a neutral space for both families. Chateau Talaud in Provence, France – which holds a special place in Mario's heart – was the ideal choice, with its charming accommodations, rolling vineyards, and delicious food. Jeremy Ferrero Photography captured the beautiful weekend, planned to perfection by Et Voila Weddings, and we're officially obsessed.
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From Jeremy Ferrero Photography... Mario and Aj's wedding in Château Talaud was one of my best moments as a wedding photographer. To share their love and to make this day magical, their families and friends came to Provence from Brazil and the US. When two best friends are soulmates and want to get married in magical Provence, which they love so much, this is what you get.

From the Groom... Mario and I (AJ) have a very multi-cultural background – I am from the US, Mario is from Brazil, and Mario lived in Paris for 6 years. We come from very different backgrounds but have always found chemistry in our balance. When it was time to plan our dream wedding, we knew we wanted to embrace our backgrounds and to host an event that would welcome our global families. With my family all in the US, and Mario's family all in Brazil, we decided to chose a "neutral" location so no one would feel disproportionately accommodated. Having loved his six years in France, the country – specifically the South of France – has always been a very special place for Mario. With beautiful scenery, delicious wine and food, and a relaxing culture, we knew all of our family and friends, both young and old, would love to experience the area. Therefore, making the decision to have the wedding in Provence was an easy one to make.

When visiting venues the year prior to the wedding, we were immediately struck by Chateau Talaud. The grounds are stunning and full of history. It is a multi-faceted space, with a gorgeous gate, a stunning arch, a pool, and vineyards. While the chateau has a level of grandeur, the space maintains substantial warmth to make all the guests feel at home. We wanted our decor to embrace the region, thus we went with a lot of lavender, olive, and green herbs. Between the chateau and the decor, we were thrilled to host our families and friends in the heart of Provence. And the photos perfectly captured the grounds and us on our special day! Through Jérémy's art and execution, the aesthetic of the day will last us a lifetime!