For a Sweet First-Look Alternative, Check Out This Wedding
September 5, 2017
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You've decided you want to wait until the walk down the aisle to see each other, yet you wouldn't mind a special, pre-ceremony moment for just the two of you. May we suggest a "first touch"? This Bride and Groom were guided to each other, with eyes closed, by the Bride's father so that they could share an intimate prayer before their nuptials and reception at Oxford Exchange. Luckily for us, PSJ Photography captured the sweet moment, and it's waiting for you in the Vault!
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From PSJ Photography... My favorite thing about this wedding was how relaxed the Bride and Groom were throughout the day. I adored the way that Adam looked lovingly at Kari, and together they savored every moment. Living in Italy (the Groom is a professional Italian basketball player), they spend many of their dinners around a table for hours just soaking in good times and good people. Their wedding was much like this, including a two hour dinner that was unfussy and full of laughs and great food. The Groom's ring was also made of the melted down metals of his grandparents' rings and had his wife's fingerprint imprinted on it! Another special moment was the "first touch" where the Bride's father guided the Groom across the room, and they shared a prayer over the lives they were about to promise to each other.

From the Bride... We love greenery and natural beauty and wanted simplicity, yet classy, elegant, and timeless. We always envisioned our wedding to have a garden feel. However, the heat and rain of summer made this idea somewhat impossible... Until we found Oxford Exchange. The indoor garden feel, natural beauty, and elegance of Oxford captured our hearts from the first moment we walked in.

Our unique elements included olive branches to bring in a touch of Italy, a sign in globe to represent our love of travel and how all of our guests mean "the world to us," and a remembrance table to remember those who couldn't be with us but who are forever in our hearts.

It is really tough to choose a favorite moment! The Groom's father was also a basketball coach, and the image of the two of them leaving the church and sharing a basketball handshake gives me so many chills! One of the most special moments for us was just prior to Adam's thank you and blessing. We took a moment, looked around the entire room, and saw that every single person we love was all in one place, and they were there to celebrate our love and our marriage. How amazing a feeling that was! It warms our hearts thinking about this moment, and it will be a memory we will cherish forever. 

My gown was was by Maggie Sotterro and the name was Lisette. I never envisioned having a princess style gown until putting it on. It was classy, elegant, sexy, and I loved it! Our cake was made by Kim Yelvington at Chocolate Pi. It was a champagne scented strawberry cake with mimosa cream. DELICIOUS! We created welcome bags when our guests checked into the hotel including water, snacks, Advil, and a thank you cards for our guests. 

Our advice to couples is to do a last dance with just the Bride and Groom. That was another one of our favorite moments because it gave us one more chance to soak it all in! It was so special and so memorable.