An Incredible Gifted Wedding For One Amazing Couple
September 5, 2017
ModernStudioSpring Weddings
It's not every day I actually attend the weddings featured on SMP, but lucky for me, I had the pleasure of experiencing Dez and Dom's special day firsthand. The winning couple of this year's charitable wedding showcase, Styled For Good, these two received their dream celebration from some of the Twin Cities' most talented vendors...looking at you, MAVEN, The White Room, Blush & Whim, and so many more. Read on for their amazing story and watch the whole day unfold thanks to Laura Rae and Narrate Studios.
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FROM STYLED FOR GOOD... Dez & Dom were the winners of the 2017 Styled For Good Wedding Giveaway. The mission of Styled for Good is to create a world where everyone has the opportunity to see their dream event come to life. Our goal is to provide meaningful event services for those in need through our matching services. Styled for Good vendors consist of the crème de la crème and are all seeking to provide free or reduced services that will make a big impact for one special couple. We couldn't be more ecstatic to have met Dez & Dom and are so grateful to them for sharing their story and getting married in front of 500+ people at our Spring 2017 showcase at Machine Shop, Mpls!


14 years in the making, Dez & Dom have a love story that truly stands the test of time. At their first "meet cute" where a very nervous Dom awkwardly fumbled Dez's name (more than once), the pair already knew in that moment that they could fall in love.

Young love is often challenged by what the future holds and all the hopes, dreams and aspirations that inspire us to venture out and make our mark on the world. It was Dez & Dom's time and they were both being called to explore that great unknown in a new business venture for Dom in Minneapolis, MN and enrolling in Parson's School of Design for Dez in NYC. As time rolled on, the distance and hardship of making a relationship work over multiple state lines and time zones challenged the couple more than ever. Both were unsure of whether or not they should be together until they received the news that they were pregnant with their son, Dash.

Even with all the excitement and joy that comes with bringing a new life into this world, at a time when a couple often feels closer than ever, Dez and Dom knew that unresolved issues in their relationship were pushing them further and further apart. After giving birth to Dash and moving in together, the couple decided that marriage was the final step to save their relationship.

As the wedding day crept closer, Dom made one final attempt to tell Dez that he wasn't the man he wanted to be for her- that he wasn't a whole version of himself worthy of being a husband. In that moment, Dom made the heartbreaking decision to call the wedding off.

Devastated and utterly alone, Dez worked through months of loss and tears, attempting to pick up the pieces of her broken heart. Praying for the strength to take care of herself and her son, she eventually found new hope started to move on. At the same time, Dom was doing some soul searching of his own, finally letting go of and releasing all the hurt and baggage that he had been carrying with him all those years. Dez and Dom were both becoming whole again- something they both believed in to truly come back together.

Forgiveness and friendship returned to their lives and they both knew it was finally time to share their story and become husband and wife. Through the nomination of multiple family members and close friends, Dez and Dom were introduced to Styled For Good. Inspired and truly touched by their love story, Styled For Good gifted the couple with a free wedding ceremony and reception valued at over 50K in donated services.