Self-Care for the Seriously Stressed out Bride

Safe to say, wedding planning is a whirlwind. Between booking a venue, managing your MIL, and all of the milestones and to-dos in between, any bride-to-be might get seriously stressed. But when all else fails (and it’s ok if it does), try a few of these simple self-care tips to combat your nerves. You got this, brides!

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Spa Day

Every bride needs a day at the spa—seriously, nothing is more relaxing. So take your mind off floral arrangements and head for a manicure and pedicure. Or make it a group activity and invite your bridesmaids, mom, and MIL along too—a great opportunity to check in with everyone (no wedding talk allowed!). Or splurge with a spa package made just for brides, like at Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Spa.

Work out

Yoga, spin, barre, you name it—a workout will do you wonders. Head outside for a hike with your soon to be hubby or go for a run or bike ride to clear your head. An hour of fresh air or upbeat music can completely change your stressed-out mood. Can we suggest the SMP Bridal Bootcamp with Peter Kraus?

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Date Night

Remember the reason you got married—because you genuinely LOVE your guy! Rekindle the sparks with a date night: dinner and a movie, brunch at a place that’s been on your “it list,” or a cooking class/wine tasting you’ve always wanted to try. And make it a point to not talk about the wedding as hard as it might be. Taking a step out of the wedding-planning-bubble might just do the trick.

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A Good Night Sleep

It sounds simple, but if you’re tossing and turning with thoughts of appetizer options in your head you might not be getting the sleep you need. Try turning off your phone an hour before bedtime or not wedding planning after dinner. Other easy tricks include a relaxing lavender bubble bath, lavender sachets in your bedroom, your favorite face mask, or just burning a candle and reading a book to help calm you down before bed. Once you’re getting the shut-eye you really need, your days will be smooth sailing.

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Style Me Pretty Contributor – Briana Charlotte is a freelance writer residing in Brooklyn, New York. When she isn’t writing about all things bridal, she can be found on the dance floor at a wedding or bachelorette party.