Kicking Off an Elegant Backyard Style Wedding With a Welcome Bubbly Bar
September 1, 2017
Al FrescoRusticBarn
A welcome bubbly bar and insanely cute fur baby are just the beginning of this Best Day Ever. It's a Lombardi house wedding that mixes dapper with alfresco and two incredibly stylish grooms. These Messrs. set out to host an elegant celebration with a backyard feel and with the help of Alfred House Productions their vision because a reality. Get a front row seat to this happy, happy day with imagery captured by Kristina Adams and a video by Theater 10 Films.
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From the Groom...We really wanted to get married in Los Angeles and the Lombardi House was the perfect mix of old Hollywood Elegance and a casual estate affair. Neither of us are from here, but Los Angeles is where we began building our lives together and have established our careers. (Taylor is a singer songwriter (http://www. Taylorjahn. Com/) and Adam runs the west coast operations for the Trevor Project's (www. Thetrevorproject. Org) suicide prevention and crisis intervention services). Trying to pick a best memory of the day is like trying to decide which Adele song is the best (Adam says All I Ask; Taylor argues Hello). Getting ready together was incredibly special. Never once were we nervous, but we were so filled with love and excitement and anticipation that we were on a total high. A close second was when we walked into the barn, hand in hand, and the crowd just collectively screamed and cheered and cried (probably helped that we had a welcome bubbly bar as people arrived). You could tell how happy our friends and family were after being key players in our own self-discoveries, having seen our relationship grow and find true happiness in one another, finally coming out on top. Also Granger in that bow tie was pretty darn perfect. We wanted to go for an elegant backyard feel for the entire day and night, because one of the cornerstones of our relationship has been our amazing house parties with friends and family. We wanted everyone to feel like they could dress in their best, but also feel comfortable to be who they are in a relaxed setting. The result was an excellent combination of peak fashion choices, great food and drinks, and even better dance moves.