This Celebration Started with a Surprise Puppy as a Wedding Gift!
August 31, 2017
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This bride's gift tops the charts in terms of cuteness. As a surprise for her Groom, she gifted him with the sweetest pup at their first look. It will give you all the feels and the celebration that followed is equally as heartfelt. Planned by Sweetgrass Social with blooms by Farm City Flowers, this day will dazzle you with it's bright bold color and pull you in with its fur baby cuteness. Pore through the sweet images by Rachel Red Photography right here.
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From the Photographer...Bethany surprised Warrie with a brand new puppy during their first look! Bethany grew up visiting this private plantation on Fripp Island, South Carolina, every summer as a child and has so many fond, personal memories attached to the property. She decided to add one more by throwing the bash of a lifetime on their wedding day. Sweetgrass Social was in charge of the design and went over the top with a tent lighting system that made the top of the tent look like shadows of trees with spanish moss. The cross at the altar is engraved with every couple's name who has ever been married on the property.