The Secret to Stunning Indoor Wedding Photos
August 31, 2017
We're all used to seeing amazing wedding photography featuring expansive landscapes and veils blowing in the wind. But who says you can't get equally as breathtaking photos in an indoor venue? Read on to discover what it takes to get some great images of your indoor wedding!
Jessica Lorren Photography

You may realize that you need to focus on indoor photography for a number of reasons, the most obvious being weather. Put so perfectly by NYC wedding photographer Amy Rizzuto: "If you know you have a beautiful indoor location, you will save so much time the week leading up to your wedding NOT checking the weather app every 15 minutes." And what's more crucial than saving time when planning a wedding?
Carmen Santorelli Photography

Choosing a Venue
According to Amy, "try look for venues that have a lot of natural window light! This allows for bright, airy images and more natural skin tones. Also check out the colors of the ceiling, walls and floors. Light, neutral colors help reflect pretty light, whereas dark ceilings or vibrant colored walls could reflect unflattering light. For example, if the walls are red, chances are your skin tones will end up looking slightly red as well." Have a look at other weddings and the images that have come out of the venue. This can help you and your photographer decide on certain shots. Just don't forget a key element...
Lance Nicoll Wedding Photography

Any photographer knows that both composition and lighting make for a good photo. When having photos done indoors it's crucial to find natural lighting, and with minimal shadows. As we mentioned, large windows in bright spaces will create a picturesque setting for you and your groom, family, and bridal party.

Amy says, "It would be really helpful to let your photographer know your wishes to capture indoor photos. This will give them the opportunity to fully prepare and bring any additional lighting that will help create the most beautiful images."
Michael and Carina Photography

In a lot of ways, you can let a stunning venue do the heavy lifting for you. Having a space with beautiful interiors will make for a really dynamic image and will essentially do a lot of the décor for you! Add in some great greenery and florals and you're set! At the same time, use the space for the structure and get imaginative with your altar. It's a great chance to bring the outdoors in- with beautiful blooms, greens, and any imagery you like. A gorgeous altar will not only set a tone for the ceremony but will hopefully serve as a good setting for several photo opportunities.

Overall, remember that how you feel in the space will translate in a photo. So if the interior is uplifting and positive, you will be sure to end up with stunning wedding photos!


Style Me Pretty Contributor - Goli Parvinian is a bridal enthusiast and masters student living in Melbourne, Australia. Over the past few years, she has worked for bridal brands in her hometown of Chicago, New Zealand and New York City. You can typically find her in a cafe, face-timing her nieces or out on a long run.