Modern + Minimal Bridal Style in the Land of Fire + Ice
August 29, 2017
ModernOutdoor Weddings
Iceland is definitely having a moment, and with its otherworldly landscapes, it's easy to see why. So when this bridal style editorial landed on my desk, I was swept away. The minimal look of the Bride – with her long, straight locks by Angelica of Nika Vaughan Bridal Artists; dewy, natural makeup; and modern, sleek Sarah Seven dress – created delicious contrast against the stretches of black sand and the impressive lava rocks. Needless to say, gallery by Kyle John Photography will transport you to the the land of fire and ice.
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From Linn P. Wheeler... For a while it was our dream to do an editorial bridal shoot in Iceland. We had all these ideas, and when the opportunity finally arose, we struck. We did a series of four editorials, each portraying a different aspect of the Icelandic nature that is so vast and different than anything we have ever seen before. As we drove around the island, we would be stunned by how the landscape would change drastically within a few miles – lava fields covered in moss would be resting beneath dormant volcanos, sharp cliffs would rise above the fjords in stark supernatural formations and immediately be contrasted by rolling hills covered in sweeping grass surrounding trickling brooks that would turn into massive waterfalls. To us, it is the most beautiful place on earth.

This was the first shoot in our series of four. It focuses on the softness found in the Icelandic nature, the interplay between these rolling grassy hills and the stunning young woman inhabiting these hills, became a modern and minimalist homage to great classics, a la Wuthering Heights. We wanted our Bride's look to be simple, clean, and youthful - a reflection of and complement to the natural elements that she is in. We wanted her to appear like an inherent part of the landscape, and the landscape a part of her past, present, and future story as well.