Shedding For The Wedding – Week 3 #SMPBootcamp

Hey, everyone! We’re officially at Week 3 of bootcamp! How has it been going? Are you noticing any results yet? As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on social with #SMPBootcamp or in the comments below!

I wanted to focus on the importance of sleep this week. Quality sleep — and enough of it — is huge for everyone, of course, but to my fellow brides out there, there’s no exaggerating how crucial sleep is for us, especially when doing a workout program like this!

First and foremost, the #1 effect of sufficient sleep (at least 7 hours per night — I personally can’t function on less than 8) is its effect on your mood and energy levels. When you’re getting enough sleep, you feel happier and more energized throughout the day, making it possible to tackle everything your day throws at you: work, wedding planning, exercise, etc.

In addition to simply having the energy in your day to give these workouts a shot, getting the right kind and amount of sleep is directly linked to how effective your efforts are in the gym. Without getting into the scientific details, poor sleep makes it almost impossible for your body store fat the way it’s supposed to. Essentially, when you’re exhausted and making dumb mistakes throughout your day, so are your fat cells, and that’s going to completely undo your fitness efforts.

Another major downside to inadequate rest is that it will totally derail any plan you have to eat right. Yep, you heard me correctly: not getting good sleep makes you crave unhealthy foods more than you normally would, and it messes with your hormones, too, causing your body to think you’re hungry when you actually aren’t. Without a solid night’s sleep, you might as well not even try to stick to a nutrition plan.

So PLEASE try to really prioritize your sleep for the next five weeks, my dears, because it’s going to be so good for you on so many levels! To do this, cut off your screen time an hour before you go to bed — no Netflix, no shopping on the internet, no scrolling through your Instagram feed (yes, your phone counts as a screen!). Instead, brew some chamomile tea, take a bath, or read a book or a fun wedding planning magazine, and then hit the hay.

Your efforts will be so worth it, I promise — and I’d be willing to bet that you’ll be more diligent about your diet as a result. This week’s nutrition plan is pretty simple, and of course, I’ve got a new recipe for you: my famous stir fry!

Lastly, if you’ve been needing some guidance on cardio the last few weeks, Peter and I are big fans of biking, swimming, running, rowing, or spin class. Hot yoga or a barre class isn’t bad, either! As a reminder, you should be doing the circuit exercises three days per week (i.e. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) and then cardio for at least 30 minutes on your off days (i.e. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday).

So catch those Zs, keep working hard, and I’ll see you next week!



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Molly Winding is a freelance writer and health coach who splits her time between Vail and Denver. She is a foodie, health nut, and lover of books, movies, and meditation. When she isn’t working, you’ll find her spending time outside with her fiancé and their goldendoodle. Follow her @windmol!