4 Reasons You Need Wedding Day Insurance

From the moment you get engaged to the minute you walk down the aisle, every day might feel like the best day of your life. And for good reason! But with all of the happy tears and priceless moments also could come a few mishaps.

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Have no fear brides, wedding insurance is a sure-fire to make sure you’re protected from the get-go. Greg Schaefer, owner of Schaefer Enterprises, shares a few of the top wedding-related insurable items you should make sure you have for your big day. Because everyone will agree, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Wedding Venue

If your venue doesn’t already offer this, then this is a must-have! “It protects for accidental property damage or bodily injury,” Schaefer said. “One time we experienced a bridesmaid leaving a candle burning in the dressing room. Sure enough, the facility caught fire, but at least they had insurance!” And with most individual insurance items costing no more than $350, you’re bound to be thankful if anything accidentally happens.

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Liquor Liability

It’s the least bit romantic to talk about, but accidents really do happen. And making sure you’re covered, especially if your venue is in a backyard, will protect whomever is hosting the big day. “We all know it’s very easy to have a few drinks at a wedding—it’s a time to celebrate! But if someone drives away after your wedding and causes an accident while intoxicated, you could feel repercussions.”


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Jewelry Insurance

For most brides, your engagement ring is the most priceless piece of jewelry you’ll own. But don’t forget about the wedding bands—yours and his. God forbid something happens or you lose them, make sure you’re covered so you can get a replacement. And while you might not ever think this could happen to you (you’re both so careful with your rings!), knowing you’re covered will only ease any stress you might have. Just beware of coverage you don’t need – like for synthetic diamonds that have no real appraisal value – it’s unlikely insurance carriers will even offer coverage.


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Insurance for deposits

Almost every part of planning a wedding requires deposits to secure and hold your date. “We strongly suggest a policy that will include the deposits you make, especially if someone cancels,” Schaefer said. That way, if you need to find a new photographer or even a new wedding dress at the last minute, your initial deposit will be back in your pocket—and that’s one less thing to worry about!


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Style Me Pretty Contributor – Briana Charlotte is a freelance writer residing in Brooklyn, New York. When she isn’t writing about all things bridal, she can be found on the dance floor at a wedding or bachelorette party.