The First 5 Things You Should Do on Your Wedding Day

The morning of your wedding day is so surreal, exciting, and emotional. When you open your eyes and wake up and think to yourself, “this is the day that I’m getting married” – you almost don’t know what to do with yourself.

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You partially want to jump up and down and blast Meghan Trainor, but you also want to be calm for a second and soak it all in. There will be 30,000 things you’re excited to do when you wake up, but here are the first 5 things you should do.

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Drink Water

Drinking 16 oz of water with lemon is the quickest way to boost your metabolism for the day. It will leave you feeling fresh and clean inside. Also, the lemon will give you the boost you need instead of a big cup of thick hot coffee. It’s tempting to go straight for your routine coffee drink, but that can easily leave you bloated and add to your bridal jitters. Try water first and let it give you a boost before you go for the caffeine.

Text Your Future Spouse

If you didn’t stay together the night before, you’ll want to take advantage of the ability to send a cute text before you see your future spouse later. It’s so cute to look back on your texts that you said and remember your bridal emotions. You could hint at the day ahead saying, “I can’t wait to walk down the aisle to you!”.

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Air Out Your Dress

Air out your wedding dress by pulling it out of the bag it came in from the bridal shop. Hang it up on a hanger and set it up on a door hook or on the top of a window sill. This will keep it from getting wrinkly in the bag and it will allow your dress to breathe before you get in it.

Turn your phone off

After you’ve sent your cute texts to your future spouse, turn that electronic device off! You’re the bride, you do not need to take calls from anyone. That’s what the MOH, wedding planner, aunts, and bridesmaids are for. Turning your phone off will keep you from answering random calls or texts but it will also help you be present on your wedding day and not be distracted by social media. If you want to keep it on, hand it to a bridesmaid and just ask her to take care of it if it rings or buzzes.

Be Still

Take a moment (even if it’s just one whole minute) to be quiet and look around. Take in your surroundings… your bridesmaids in various stages of waking up, your mom quietly drinking coffee, the weather, the room you’re in, and everything in between. Your wedding day is the most important day of your life and you’ll want to remember that morning when everything was on the brink of becoming the craziest most exciting day of your life.

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From the moment you wake up as a bride on your wedding day to the goodnight kiss from your new spouse; it’s all so magical, emotional, and exciting. You’ll be eager to jump out of bed and get going with your day but it’s so special to be intentional with a few things before you get sucked into the blur of getting ready.

Style Me Pretty Contributor – Kylie Thompson is a freelance writer, blogger and marketing professional from Grand Rapids Michigan, where she resides with her husband. When she isn’t working, you will find her exploring Grand Rapids’ newest culinary establishments with her husband, or traveling up and down Lake Michigan’s coast.