5 Festive Sips + Snacks Perfect For Wedding Morning Primping

Your wedding day is an indescribably exciting day, but it is often a marathon, not a sprint, especially for the ladies. It’s important that the celebrations begin with good food and a few libations to both get some nourishment in the system and kick off the party!

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As the bride, the last thing you want to do is burden yourself with another time-consuming task on the big day, but it is understandable to want everything about your morning to feel special, including breakfast. Send this to your planner or MOH for a little wedding morning magic!

Build Your Own Bagel Buffet

Whether it’s everything or cinnamon swirl, sesame seed or asiago cheese, it is hard to find a lady who doesn’t love a good bagel. The famous carb can also be the centerpiece for an amazing spread on your wedding morning. Not only can you cater a variety of bagels, there are endless spreads and toppings to be offered so that your bridal party can build their own personalized breakfast! Start with the carbs, then add pairings until your heart is content- plain and flavored cream cheeses, jams, peanut butter, Nutella, sliced berries and even sprinkles! No topping left behind makes for an epic bagel buffet that will start your big day off right.

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Yummy Yogurt Parfait Station

Food stations have become the go-to for unique, laid back wedding receptions, but are also the perfect solution for feeding you and your squad while you’re getting all gussied up on the big day. While yogurt doesn’t have much appeal on it’s own, it’s a shining brunch star when paired with bowls of granolas, berries and honey for a make your own yogurt parfait station. The prep and set up are super simple- picking up a few flavors or yogurt, toppings and cute bowls and spoons is a cinch- but the end result is fancy, delicious and easy to enjoy in between primping.

Fanciful Fruit Skewers

Fruit is a common component of breakfast, especially on wedding morning while getting dolled up with all the girls. Yet, it often just gets tossed together in a bowl or placed on a platter. Rather than serve up your fruit in salad form, choose skewers or kebobs- fruit on a stick is easy to pick up and enjoy while having your hair done or socializing with the bride tribe. Plus, the cute combinations are endless! Various colorful fruits can be stacked on one stick or you can pair berries, apples and grapes with cheeses for a more substantial snack in kebob form. You can even create an especially sweet treat by alternating strawberries and sugared donut holes! Cut into heart shapes or combined with other favorite foods, skewers definitely give your breakfast fruit a fancier feel.

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Delightfully Whimsical Donuts

Ladies, donuts have always been delicious, but over the last couple years they have gotten seriously gourmet with Instagram-worthy decorations and fabulous flavor combinations. As such, a dozen donuts has become the ticket to easily turning your wedding morning hair and makeup session into a party. With creative flavors from s’mores to roasted peach and basil and whimsical decorations ranging from edible glitter and multi-colored marbled frosting to donuts made to look like unicorns, our favorite childhood pastry is ready for the party.



Sure, snacks are super important the morning of the big day, but sips are an exciting part of the wedding morning too- it is the start of a much-anticipated celebration after all! Mimosas and champagne are often the staple, but why not spruce these traditional drinks up a bit? Making morning mimosas picture-worthy can be as simple as serving your orange juice out of a glass dispenser and placing your champs bottles in a container filled with edible flower ice cubes.

The main rule for wedding morning- keep it simple. Fancy and delicious don’t have to be complicated if you look at traditional staples in a new way. Here’s to starting your big day off right with all the festive and none of the hassle!

Style Me Pretty Contributor – Katie Patton is a merchant and freelance writer from Ohio, currently residing in Celebration, Florida with her fiancé. When she isn’t working you can find her sipping and snacking on a patio, traveling to see her friends and family, endlessly scrolling Instagram or Pinterest and, of course, planning her own upcoming wedding!