When the Bride-to-Be Plans Dream Weddings in France for a Living...
August 24, 2017
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It's always an extra special treat when the wedding planner becomes the Bride-to-be, and this engagement session photographed by Jacqui Cole is no different! Jennifer of Avec Weddings & Events spends her days making Brides' dreams of French fetês come true, so when it came time to capture her own love story, she knew she wanted to highlight Paris's iconic locations yet still choose spots meaningful to her and her love. Every single image is overflowing with romance in this can't-miss gallery!
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From the Bride, Jennifer of Avec Weddings & Events... I am a wedding planner in Paris and the owner of Avec Weddings & Events, a wedding and design agency specializing in luxury celebrations in France. Usually, I'm helping couples plan their dream wedding in France. This time, however, I am on the other side of the planning process as the Bride-to-be! My fiancé, Sébastien, and I celebrated our recent engagement with a gorgeous engagement session with Jacqui Cole Photography. Since we live in Paris, we wanted to choose locations that are iconic but also meaningful to us. Strolling hand in hand around the romantic Jardin des Tuileries, dancing around the luxury shops in the Place Vendôme, and laughing in the company of the Musée du Louvre, Jacqui captured our love for the city and our carefree, gentle love for one another.

Our love story began in the summer of 2013 at a quaint Paris café. After a 4-hour dinner (with delicious French wine and a ton of laughs) we quickly learned that despite having grown up in different countries with different cultures, we share the same values, sense of humor, taste in wine, love of good food, and value of our family and friends. From that day, we have shared laughs, tears, jokes, and travels and have made countless memories together. This past April, as we were getting ready to leave to visit his family, Sébastien got down on one knee in our home and asked me to be his wife. We will be married next June in Burgundy, France.

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