Unique Ring Shots To Consider For Your Engagement Photos
August 23, 2017
While there are many steps in the wedding planning process that cause brides and grooms to grin from ear to ear, there are few things as magical as a well thought out engagement session and the resulting photographs.
Greg Finck Photography

Here are five unique ways to snap your ring that highlight just how special it is to your love story.

Toast To Your Happiness
Being engaged means many months of celebratory cheers and your engagement photo session is the ideal time to capture one of those intimate toasts on camera. So, pop the bubbles, clink your glasses and give each other a smooch! Your interactions and loving gazes make for a naturally epic back drop, with a stellar ring shot in the foreground as you hold your champagne glass.

Create A Sense of Adventure
You and your future hubby just got engaged and are, therefore, beginning the adventure of a lifetime! The two of you are going places and an action shot is both representative of your fun-loving, adventurous spirits and a great way to showcase your new gem in a way that feels completely unposed or staged. So, take your love by the hand and lead him full speed ahead into your new life while your photographer snaps from behind.

Make A Promise
Most of us remember making pinky promises to our best friends as little girls, but now it's time to make one with your soon-to-be groom! Linking little fingers for a photo is a special way to show off your ring, while using a sweet tradition that symbolizes the commitment you are getting ready to make to one another. Your photographer can get a close-up shot of just your interlocked fingers or zoom out a bit and capture your fiancé kissing your hand to seal the deal.
Alisa Ferris

Get Up Close and Personal
What is the key to a sweet as can be ring shot, you ask? Don't be afraid to love on each other! Quite often, the most romantic ring shots don't end up being the ones with the perfect pose, but rather an up close shot of a more naturally occurring moment. So, wrap your arms around your husband-to-be without worrying about having your hands perfectly placed on his back or resting on his shoulders. Walk arm-in-arm or canoodle with your hand holding onto him for a shot of your ring that is rooted in love.
Rebecca Yale Photography

Set The Scene
Whether it is a little table tucked away in your favorite coffee shop or a corner booth in your go-to pub, there is probably a secret spot that is special to you and your fiancé that is perfect for a photo session. Not only will you feel super comfortable in such a familiar "happy place," the scene you create while cozying up together can produce surprisingly adorable ring shots. While your hands are wrapped around your mug of coffee or pint of beer, your photographer can snap the two of you mid-conversation, close enough to highlight your ring in a uniquely you environment.

As a general rule of thumb always remember that the best shots are the happiest shots, the photos in which you and yours are giving off all those lovestruck vibes. So, worry less about the pose and more about the joy and you and your ring are sure to shine through. Happy picture taking!

Style Me Pretty Contributor - Katie Patton is a merchant and freelance writer from Ohio, currently residing in Celebration, Florida with her fiancé. When she isn't working you can find her sipping and snacking on a patio, traveling to see her friends and family, endlessly scrolling Instagram or Pinterest and, of course, planning her own upcoming wedding!