Top 4 National Parks to Visit on Your Honeymoon
August 22, 2017
Not all honeymoons require a passport and if you’re like us, you know the best exploring is done right in your own backyard (okay- if you live in the US). The United States has some of the most jaw-dropping and Insta-worthy landscapes out there, so if you’re looking for a domestic getaway but still want to feel like you’re jet setting off to a beautiful and luxurious destination, Black Tomato has the top National Parks for honeymooners.

Packed full of stunning scenery, it’s enough to send your wanderlust into overdrive.
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The California Light Show: Yosemite National Park

Ahh, Yosemite. You’ve probably heard this name once or twice before and maybe you’ve experienced it in all its glory or maybe it’s top on your bucket list. All we can say is that it is the crowning glory when it comes to spectacular scenery, rich history and captivating terrain for as far as the eye can see. Hike up to the glacier? Explore night skies on a private moonlit tour?  Whatever road you choose, it will be filled with ethereal views and romantic moments. You even might catch a glimpse of the natural firefall...

Where to stay: The Majestic Yosemite Hotel
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The Last Frontier: Alaska's Kenai Fjords National Park

Far from being an arctic desert, this majestic part of the USA is home to bold, unforgiving scenery, abundant wildlife and adrenaline-fueled activities to boot. Touch down in the USA’s northernmost city and make your way by boat to the stunning waters of Kenai Fjords National Park. From the glaciers in the Northwestern Fjord and the waterfalls in Cataract Cover to the bird nesting site of Resurrection Bay, this is a place designed with photographers and nature-lovers in mind. Pair this with a day exploring in Seward and you’ll have a plethora of insta-worthy snaps to share with your friends and family.

Where to stay: Alyeska Resort

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Tropical Paradise: Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park

For those wanting a more tropical getaway, jet set to the tropical paradise of Kauai , only a five-and-a-half-hour flight from the USA’s West Coast. Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park is one of the most breath-taking places to see live lava flow and arguably gives the “best-of-both-worlds” for the newlyweds that want to do a little bit of adventure and a whole lot of relaxing. On a private helicopter tour, you can soar over the peaks and bubbling craters below in the morning (a view you certainly won’t forget), before spending the afternoon catching some sun and taking a dip in the azure sea. Still want a little more relaxation? The sunset cruise up to Kohala Coast is for you.

Where to stay: Hualalai, Four Seasons
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The Wild Wild West

Southern Utah has some of the most stunning National Parks and choosing one is a near impossible task, so instead we’re giving you a few of our favorite locations that you can mix and match for a perfectly unique honeymoon for you both.

Set out for a birds-eye view of Moab and soar over the wondrous landscapes of Canyonlands National Park where you can rent a private helicopter to view the otherworldly sights of the Maze and Needles districts below. Then, in the afternoon, saddle up and make your way through the Castle Valley trails by horseback.  Or, if watching the sunrise or sunset is your go-to thing, head off into the Navajo Mountains of Monument Valley where you can gaze up at the 1000ft height sandstone rock formations and red hued minefields of mesas, buttes and natural amphitheaters. Make sure to catch this before sunrise when the sun glints in and the whole landscape shifts in hue to reveal an awe-inspiring beauty.

Where to stay: Amangiri


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