5 Sneaky Wedding Budget Items You Can't Forget
August 17, 2017
No matter how many to-do lists we make, there are always items that sneak up on us when wedding planning. Whether you're planning the event yourself or have a wedding planner by your side to keep you on track, brides and grooms often forget at least one thing (we all did!).

To help, we discuss some of the most common unexpected planning items—just don't forget to add these to that to-do list!
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Picking out your invitations is one of the most exciting parts about planning a wedding. But what couples often forget is that each invite will need not one, but two, stamps (one for the outer envelope and one for the RSVP envelope), plus any invite that is not a standard shape or weight will add to that cost and add to the amount of stamps you need. Postage is also needed for thank you cards, bridal shower invites, and save the dates, so it adds up quickly! Keep costs down by picking a standard size and weight for your invites and ordering the stamps in bulk.
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Think about it: it's the majority of your vendors' job to be at the wedding the entire night, and they need to eat too! Vendors like your planner, photographers, videographers, and the DJ or band will usually always need to be fed, but check with other vendors too. Most venues have a policy for vendor meals and can set aside a plate for them. If your venue doesn't, order a few extra meals—and always be sure to check with your vendors about any dietary restrictions.
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Bathroom baskets are a fun way to get a family friend or close aunt involved in the planning. Task them with creating a pretty box to be filled with essentials like hairspray, tampons, hand sanitizer and anything else you think your ladies would need throughout the night. A men's basket isn't always necessary but could be a nice touch (fill it with things like cologne and mints). Your guests will appreciate the extra effort and it will make your venue's bathroom feel a touch more luxurious.
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Before you call your fiancé in a panic that you need insurance, check with your vendors and your venue. A lot of them will already have their own insurance in place (in fact, some venues even require vendors to have insurance in order for you to use them), keeping you from having to get it yourself. But, if they don't, it's definitely something to consider. Insurance will protect you should anything go wrong and have to be postponed (weather, injury, other unforeseen circumstances) or if a vendor fails to show. Do your research first and be sure to add this to your budget as soon as possible.
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You're already paying your vendors a lot, so many people feel a hint of shock when they realize they have to tip them, too. But, while tipping your vendors isn't necessarily a must-do, it is expected and generous, especially if you love the work they did. When booking, keep a tip in mind (10-20% depending on the vendor and service) when determining the budget. Check your contracts to be sure gratuity is not already included! A few days before the wedding, get the tip money out in cash and place it into envelopes with the vendors' name on it. Enlist the best man or father-in-law to hand them out at the wedding so you don't have to deal with any money issues on the big day.

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