This Wedding Was Flawless – Even Though The Bands Went Missing
August 15, 2017
Mid Atlantic
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Not only is this Bride insanely gorgeous (hello, flawless hair by Meg Ann Workman and killer outfit change into an Adrianna Papell jumpsuit) on the outside, but she's equally beautiful within. Despite the threat of thunderstorms and tornados as well as finding out the wedding bands went missing just moments before the outdoor ceremony, she stayed calm, cool, and collected. You'd never know anything went wrong when viewing this stunning gallery by Shining Light Photography. So Brides-to-be take note, when you keep focused on what is important – marrying the love of your life – the rest of your wedding day will be perfect, no matter what.
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From the Bride... We chose to have the long, family style tables for our dinner reception because we wanted everyone to feel together and not so spread out. The best conversations and times we've shared as a family were always at our dinner table. That's what we wanted our friends and family to experience. As for the food choice, we love to eat, and who doesn't like pizza and pasta? By making the dinner family style and having to share the dishes, it really made people interact and lean on each other. Everyone at the wedding helped each other get what they needed. It got people talking to those around them, whether they knew each other well or not! So, over time, everyone started to interact like true family and friends.

From Shining Light Photography... This couple, while clearly stunning on the outside, had even sweeter hearts on the inside. I so enjoyed working with them for many reasons that are blatant to the eye – their great style, intentional details sprinkled all throughout the day, the clean color palette, their fun friends and family, and the great signature cocktails. ;)

However, some of my favorite memories looking back on this day were from noting how calm and kind this couple were in the face of so many things "going wrong". You may not realize it when glancing through the images, but this day started out super hot for a May, West Virginia wedding! Then it took a turn just before the ceremony – there were severe thunderstorms and threats of tornados taking place within a few miles of the outdoor ceremony site. Dark clouds were rolling in, but our Bride and Groom stayed so peaceful, not panicking at all, and just remained ready to go down the aisle and get married!

If that wasn't enough, the wedding bands went missing just minutes before the ceremony was about to start. They had to tell the Bride that she wouldn't have her rings to exchange during the actual ceremony, and as I expected to see her start getting frustrated or upset, she simply said, "It's okay! Don't worry about it. It's not a big deal right now." What!? I was so in awe of her grace and composure; not wanting anyone to feel bad about mistakes that just happen in the midst of wedding day craziness! After the ceremony was over, as we were rushing to snag some portraits of our bride and groom before the rain hit, the rings were found! We ran over to the altar and the couple exchanged the rings as if nothing had happened.

To the upcoming Brides out there: These are little things that will not go as planned on your wedding day. The key is if you're going to CHOOSE to let it be a moment you just laugh through and know will be a funny story down the road, or if you're going to choose to dwell on the negative and allow it to create a painful memory. You can choose to have joy in each moment and, if you do, I promise you'll be much happier when looking back at your images and reliving your wedding memories!