Monet's Water Lilies Inspired This Editorial + It's Just as Incredible
August 14, 2017
RomanticEstate Weddings
This Claude Monet-inspired wedding editorial photographed by Peter & Veronika landed on my desk the very same week I saw his infamous Water Lilies at the Musée de l'Orangerie – and I can't stop swooning! The gorgeous, pastel fresco walls of Theresia Chateau, multiple wild-feeling bouquets by Floretally, and hint of blue in the Bride and Groom's attire all capture that peaceful beauty of the beloved impressionist paintings. Take a trip to the gallery, because this shoot is sure to inspire awe, just like the Water Lilies.
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From Peter & Veronika... When creating a concept for this photo shoot, we were very excited about the stunning old frescoes preserved at the main hall of Theresia Chateau. The fresco walls are painted in remarkable muted pink and blue colors, with accents of menthol green and white. Such a color combination led us to Claude Monet's Water Lilies series that are of a similar nature. Thus Monet became a great inspiration for us. Monet’s paintings are full of flowers, nature, and vivid life, but on the other hand they evoke a sense of peace. Although they are painted in oils, they remind one of the watercolor effect. Inspired by all these elements, we ended up aiming to combine the beauty of nature and art. We used seasonal spring flowers, especially lilacs, tulips, and clematis. Soft calligraphy with a touch of watercolor along the edges of the stationery, soft textures throughout the decor, and a gorgeous gown were picked to create a peaceful impression and easy-going feeling for the overall design. We also tried to show that the nature is the biggest artist, so flowers were tied in bouquets of irregular shapes creating a sense of natural motion – exactly like Monet’s paintings – without repetitive patterns and symmetry.