Get Fit For Your Wedding Day With Peter Kraus – Week One

Happy Monday, everyone! We are so excited to have you here. Are you ready to begin your fitness journey with us? Week 1, here we go!

This week’s circuit training focuses on your hamstrings and chest — please be sure to watch the video above for proper form on each of these exercises! We cannot stress safety enough.

Heads up, ladies: your arms are going to be SORE this week! I just did these circuits this morning and could really feel the burn…but trusting that Peter will get me looking beautiful for my wedding, I powered through!

Season 13 of The Bachelorette ended last Monday, and most of you know what happened with Rachel and Peter…but I’m happy to report that our dear PK has had a few months since the show ended to heal from their breakup, and he’s feeling more optimistic than ever!

Despite Peter’s (completely understandable) desire to take his romantic relationships on the slower side, his approach to getting back down to business has been totally the opposite. When I proposed (get it?! Pun intended.) that we create a fitness program to help brides get ready for their weddings, he dove in head first, thrilled at the opportunity to get to know the SMP audience and guide you all through one of the most exciting times in your lives!

So, if you want to take these workouts one step further, we’ve put together a sample meal plan for you ladies, as well. Feel free to use this as a template for how you could be eating during the next eight weeks!

The biggest nutritional change you can make, though, is to drink PLENTY of water during this program. Think basically one gallon of water each day. Flushing out toxins will be so crucial to your success over the next eight weeks!

Dinner is always the hardest for me, so here is one of my favorite recipes — don’t worry, it’s totally compliant with the nutrition plan above!



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