This Bride Refused to Let a Little Rain Ruin Her Romantic Wedding Day!
August 10, 2017
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You learn a lot during the wedding planning process and our favorite brides are the ones that share that first hand knowledge with other eager to learn ladies. Case in point: this blushing beauty who took a rainy forecast and turned it into a wonderful wedding adventure with the help of Heavenly Day Events. She crafted a letter to other brides who dread the raindrops and her words are wise - read on below and see the proof that rainy wedding days don't mean dreary pics with The Mill Photography Studio's gallery right this way!
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From Heavenly Day Events... Rain is one of the fastest ways to crush a bride's spirit. Utter disappointment ... the destruction of a vision that has been dreamed of and paid for penny by penny.

Though, as a seasoned planner, I've learned one thing: headspace can make or break the experience. Remaining positive is the best way to navigate those frustrating challenges.

Therese and Chris got married in the Texas Hill Country and when rain clouds threatened their day, they made a choice. It was still going to be the best day ever, no matter the muddy dress and noodle hair. They handled things so well that I later asked Therese if she would write a letter to another bride facing a rainy day and her words are words that all brides could benefit from hearing. It rained the entire day and seeing how beautiful images can be, despite the grim, is a testament to hiring a professional photographer that will go the extra mile.

Before jumping into her sweet letter, I think it's also important to note that their positivity rubbed off on the vendors. We couldn't have been more proud to serve them. The photographer was literally laying in a mud puddle to get these images. Everyone was soaking wet and pretty chilly but none of us cared. We just loved that they were having a good time.

Here is the letter that Therese wrote to Anna.


You don't know me - but we have a lot in common. We're both Austinites, 2017 brides, we're both obviously super smart because we both hired Amber and now it sounds like you might get to join the rainy day bride club. I know you might be thinking that it's not necessarily a club you want to be a part of right now. It's not what you envisioned, everything is outside, you might be a little concerned people aren't going to have fun, your dress may get dirty, your Jimmy Choos are going to sink in the MUD - the list goes on.

Just a few weeks ago, on March 4th - I was in your shoes and facing the same predicament. I was getting married at an all outdoor venue and months out (I may or may not have started looking January 4th) it was looking like rain on March 4th. I inquired in Farmer's Almanacs, I enlisted my wedding party to do rain dances, I tried it all to get it to not rain on our big day but by Wednesday March 1st, it was time to face the music. It wasn't just going to rain on my wedding day, it was going to POUR. Mother Nature and I simply just weren't on the same page about how we envisioned March 4th.

Admittedly, I was really pouty about it. That was until that Friday before all of the festivities were about to begin. Chris (my now husband) sat me down in the car and insisted that I pout for the next 30 minutes but after those 30 minutes are up - it was time to move on. He reminded me of all the hard work I had poured into planning this day, that this was likely the only time in our lives when all of our friends and family would be in one location ready and eager to celebrate us, and that while this grand event that we had looked forward to for months hadn't included rain in our heads, it was only seven hours of rain on our wedding day and according to everyone else, nothing but blue skies ahead for the rest of our lives. So that's what I did. I sat, and I cried and when those 30 minutes were up, I moved on and decided to choose to be positive for the rest of the weekend. No matter what the weather was, at the end of the weekend, I'd be married to the man of my dreams - and that's what this is really all about! You're getting married!!

This week, as your big day approaches, I'd encourage you to do the same. It might sound a little silly - and Amber can be a great shoulder to cry on if you need - but just let it all out. Cry like a baby, pout about it and then leave it behind you and stay positive - because this is the day you've been waiting your whole girl life for! When March 4th rolled around it was pouring down rain but I was cool and calm as a cucumber. I knew I was in good hands with Amber and her team (btw, you'll have to get her to tell you the time she handled a wedding in a tornado). All of the vendors totally picked up on my positive attitude and I really feel like they went above and beyond their already amazing selves to make my day the most wonderful.

Looking back, some of my best memories of that day revolve around the rain - and not to mention, my most favorite pictures. We've had friends come up to us for weeks saying that our wedding was the most fun they've been to in months and that they didn't even notice the rain half of the time (that maaaay have been alcohol induced?).

Anyways, that's my completely unsolicited advice, but it served me well and I was happy to provide it to another soon-to-be fellow rainy day bride. It's a fun club a few other friends of mine are in as well… now we have a new found laughter about Alanis Morisette's Ironic :)

And just remember at the end of the day, no matter how nervous or stressed, excited, overwhelmed and all of the other feelings you might be feeling right now, just remember that your very best friend is going to be on the other side of the altar just waiting for you and that's all that matters anyway. Everyone is there to celebrate you guys - and they don't mind getting a little wet!

PS.Try to take in EVERY single moment, it will be over before you know it!


Therese Rothfelder