Choosing Traditional Over Trendy Totally Paid Off
August 8, 2017
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For this Bride, her main wedding goal was to create a celebration that was timeless in its beauty. So anything trendy or that would seem out of place in her grandmother's or mother's wedding was out and with the help of Events by Sarah, the result is the most beautiful of ballroom affairs held at the Houston Country Club. From the Carolina Herrera princess gown to the beautifully draped reception, this wedding is all about elegant details and they shine through in the images by Amalie Orrange. See the full celebration right here.
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My goal was to create a wedding ceremony and reception that felt timeless, elegant, and graceful. I had a tendency to chose traditional over trendy and classic over contemporary, but all the while ensuring that pops of our personality shown through to make our decor unique. The trick I used to make a decision if I was unsure about a decor item was "Would this have been out of place at my mother's wedding? How about at my grandmother's wedding?". Perhaps that seems to simplistic, but if I didn't think it stood the test of time, I didn't want to incorporate it into our special day!

When you walked in you first saw a beautiful willow arch with orchids draping from it as though they were growing. It was a WOW piece that felt classic and beautiful, but was also unique. Our family fell in love with orchids when we lived in Singapore, and it was fun to incorporate the flower into the wedding in a way that made the florals more personal.

Our wedding crest was another important aspect of our design. We had a crest custom water colored for us and we are so glad that we did. It was a beautiful yet simple way to customize items like menus, place cards, and cocktail napkins and tied our decor items together well.

I also adored the fact that I tried to utilize my talented friends and family members in ways that I could. My bridesmaid Bess Garison put together a stunning water color map of Houston for our out of town guests, and my new sister-in-law and bridesmaid Laurel made our caligraphied escort cards and place cards.

I should also note that one of my favorite aspects of planning the wedding was seating all of my guests to the place (I do admit that this can be the most frustrating!). When you do this, you are committing to spending a lot of time really thinking about the guests that you have coming and considering who they may enjoy meeting and spending time with at your wedding. I found that my guests appreciated this attention to detail more than I thought they would, and I keep getting notes about how many new friendships were formed at our wedding. As an added bonus, I really felt like I knew who was in the room and knew generally where I could find our guests so that I could greet them.

We spent time putting together a memory table with photos of our parents' and grandparents' weddings on both Jordan and my side. This was a very sweet touch and brought back many happy memories for everyone.

I wish I could say the entire day. But I think my favorite moment was saying our vows to each other. Jordan and I spent a long time writing our own vows. We used the traditional vows as our template, and line by line we wrote down exactly what these traditional christian vows meant to us in our own words. The results were vows that were extremely personal, but also reverent and meaningful. Looking into Jordan's eyes as he said his vows, and as I returned mine, is a sight I am sure I will never forget.