Chic + Stylish San Fran Wedding - With 500+ Guests!
August 8, 2017
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How do you find a venue to host 500+ guests and make sure it still looks chic and sophisticated? You call upon the experts, that's how. With Jubilee Lau Events leading the charge and Gloria Wong Design working her magic, we have a stylish success. Kevin Chin captured it all from start to finish so we have the pretty proof right before us that lots of guests leads to lots of love!
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From Jubilee Lau Events... Cindy and Andrew came to us with an over-the-top, extravagant vision for the wedding of their dreams. We had such a fun time at the first meeting just throwing out fun, unique ideas to wow their guests. The only problem was, with a preliminary guest list of over 500 guests, where could we find the perfect venue for this extraordinary celebration?

We toured a handful of venues in the heart of San Francisco, mainly large hotel ballrooms that could accommodate such a high guest count. However, Cindy and Andrew just weren’t the ballroom type of people so none of the ballrooms felt quite right to them. When we took them to City View on the top floor of the Metreon, they immediately fell in love with the rooftop that offered a panoramic view of downtown San Francisco. The entire space was 18,000 square feet, so it was definitely large enough to hold 500+ guests. The challenge was how to transform this massive industrial looking space into the sophisticated and chic wedding that they want. Though it was hard for Cindy and Andrew to imagine and visualize the transformation in their heads at the time, they booked the venue with full trust in our team to make it happen for them.

It definitely took a village to produce this wedding, and together with an amazing team of vendor partners that we called upon, we successfully transformed City View into the dreamy and dramatic space for Cindy and Andrew’s black tie swanky soiree!

Here's just a bit of the magic in numbers: 1,290LF of white and grey chiffon drapery, 24 custom hung crystal chandeliers, 164 clusters of centerpiece arrangements, thousands of candles, a jaw dropping gorgeous 20LF custom hydrangea garland runner for the head table, a 4-course formal seated dinner, 4 dessert stations including 2 live chef flambé stations, 8 furniture vignettes for the post dinner lounge, 3 life sized board games, and a scalloped chiffon draped ceiling over a custom white vinyl dance floor.

Cindy and Andrew incorporated their Chinese/Vietnamese and Italian cultures into their memorable day in various ways. They started their day with a traditional Chinese tea ceremony and served tea to honor their parents, grandmother and family elders. Cultural dishes, such as the Vietnamese banh mi, were infused into their overall wedding menu by Paula Le Duc Fine Catering. They ended their night with a packed dance floor, where guests wished the newlyweds good luck with “The Tarantella” (or “the tarantula”) dance, an Italian tradition in which guests circle around the couple to an increasing upbeat tempo of lively music. Though it was a bit disappointing that rain came upon us on the wedding day, forcing us to move the ceremony and cocktail hour indoors, everyone still had the best time since Cindy and Andrew spared no expense in ensuring that their guests would be pampered with a fun, memorable experience from the minute they arrived to City View until they happily danced through the very last song.