Two Grooms from New York City Wed at Rancho de los Caballeros
August 1, 2017
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My friends, be ready for the tears to well up. Be ready for your heart to swell and for your morning to be filled with the sweetest love of two Grooms who vowed their forevers to each other at beautiful Rancho de los Caballeros. Thanks to Black Sheep Filmworks, I've already gone through a dozen tissues—but I'm smiling wider today because of these two.
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From Black Sheep Filmworks... Two grooms enter on horseback, proceeded by a life-sized cut-out of their Aussie Cattle Dog, Fanny, acting as a cardboard canine bridesmaid. Yes, this is just a small aspect of the larger than life real wedding of Isaac and Philip. NYC residents both, but Philip is a Tucson, AZ native, so they both heeded the call to create a Wild West destination wedding, and Rancho de los Caballeros in Wickenberg, AZ was the perfect spot. They took over the ranch for the weekend, had a cowboy cookout rehearsal dinner, followed by a rousing piano bar sing-a-long in the ranch house. A rap toast by Philip's brother, Noah, was a crowd favorite "It's based on a story true, and long, long thing led to another led to a breakfast burrito and a money clip...say special thanks to Grinder and the Supreme Court of the USA.." This was followed by rousing applause, and a few tears.The love and pride in that room was palpable, and was indicative of the wedding day's many amazing moments to come.

The wedding day dawned bright and clear, guests played golf, rode horses and shot skeet...and applied lots of sunscreen. Isaac and Philip got ready together, helped tie each other's bow ties, took a few photos and then were off to the ceremony. The guest's reaction to Fanny being walked down the aisle, albeit in paper form, were priceless, as were their "Ooohs and aaahhhs" to the groom's entering the ceremony on horseback. Oh, and the vows. And what the officiants said...some of the best, most honest, truly loving words at a wedding, ever. The broke a glass, kissed and walked off into a gorgeous desert sunset with an epic full moon rising in the distance.

The alfresco reception was full of loving, funny and sentimental toasts, and Fanny was seated at the foot of the head table, as if she were listening to every word. The dancing was in a word, epic, the hora had everyone on the dance floor, where they stayed until the wee hours. Even Fanny made a few trips to shake her doggy booty.

The following day was spent brunching, poolside, and reminiscing about the wedding weekend. This included a make-your-own-burrito bar, a tribute to the guys’ first date, and the breakfast burrito
Isaac presented to Philip when he proposed.

Noah's rap toast concluded as follows: "So, consider this a toast, to whatever brought us together; to life, love and health, to my two brothers, forever." Two dudes, one is love.