7 Lessons I Learned On My Honeymoon
July 30, 2017
After the months of planning to pull off our perfect wedding weekend, my husband and I set off on our dream honeymoon. Now that we're home, unpacked, and starting on those thank you notes, we took a moment to reflect on what made our honeymoon so perfect, and what tips we'd pass along to our friends in the future.
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There are five things we'd definitely do again (and we'll remember for all future trips):

1. Book, pay and research ahead of time.

By the time we got through our wedding weekend we were exhausted, so I can't tell you what a relief it was that a beautiful hotel was waiting for us in each city we visited. We didn't over-schedule, but we had reservations at our must hit restaurants, a list of sights we had to see, and massages and tours pre-booked. We even paid for many of the hotels ahead of time to get better rates, so there was very little we had to worry about once the trip actually began!

2. Tell people it's our honeymoon.

This seems obvious, but can feel a little awkward when it comes time to say it. That said, I was continuously overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of the people we encountered, and the free desserts and rose petals scattered on the beds really did make this trip feel that much more special than any other vacation.
3. Allow for time alone.

I think it's easy to feel like you need to be together every second of every day, engaged in some kind of bonding activity, when you're on your honeymoon. But we really learned to embrace the quiet moments when we'd sit side by side, reading our own books, or when my husband would go for a jog while I slept in. We each got to feel like we were having the vacation we wanted, and 30 minutes of missing each other was actually pretty romantic!

4. Bring a Polaroid camera.

This one happened accidentally - we had the camera left over from our guest book and I threw it in the bag on a whim. It turns out that beyond the millions of iPhone pics we took, having a few Polaroids as a unique, physical memory of the trip was really special. Whether is a camera or a notebook, finding a unique way to document a special trip will be worth it for years to come.

5. Pack a fold-up tote bag.

On the subject of souvenirs - we did a little shopping for trinkets and items that would remind us of our destinations. Having a small shopping tote in my bag made it all the easier to carry these items home - so pack one and embrace the shopping!

I'd also say we learned a few lessons, and if we could do it again there are two things we'd skip!

1. Setting an alarm.

I'll admit that for the first few days of our trip I was setting an alarm and trying to pack in a schedule of sight seeing that just wore us out. Finally, we learned to embrace that we were worn out, and most excited about spending time together as newlyweds, not seeing every sight. So we let ourselves sleep in, order breakfast in bed, and just lounge by the pool when we weren't up to anything else!
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2. Listening to other people.

I know, counter-intuitive after I've just given you all of my tips. I hope these are helpful, and there are thousands of other social media posts, Pinterest boards and blogs just trying to give you a hand in your planning. But at the end of the day, what's most important is planning a trip that feels like you as a couple, and will give you that magical opportunity to celebrate your new marriage. People will try to tell you the right time to take your honeymoon, where you're supposed to go and what you're supposed to do. Listen so long as it's helpful - after that, just tune it out.

Style Me Pretty Contributor - Chloe O'Sullivan is a freelance writer and sales director based in Washington DC (soon relocating to Northern New Hampshire). When she isn't writing, she can be found trying new restaurants, planning her next trip, or hiking with her husband.