Have You Ever Seen a Wedding in the Desert?
July 28, 2017
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We're taking a little trip for today's wedding from 2 Brides Photography... not to an island, not to a vineyard or a coastal locale, but to the desert! Marrakech to be exact, and darlings, it's dreamy as ever. See? Sprinkled with a little boho and a little elegance, we can't help but gahhh over every bit, including that incredible golden light.
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From Isabelle & Sabina of 2 Brides Photography... Sofia and Alex's wedding at La Pause in Marrakech was a vibrant mix of traditional Moroccan vibes and boho laid back charm. Guests from all over the world traveled in to attend the celebrations that took place in the dramatic landscape overlooking the vast Moroccan wilderness.

Following the service, the guest went to the top of the dunes where local musicians played and refreshments were served. Later eveyone wandered down to the oasis where dinner and additional rituals took place and went on until 4 in the morning. It was truly like something out of the fairytale "A Thousand & One Nights"!