The 5 Types of Bridesmaids Every Bride Needs
July 26, 2017
From sassy, to sweet, to straight up crazy, each bridesmaid has her own personality and a special place in the bride's heart. Whether she and the bride were college roommates, BFF's or just met a year ago, each girl is special and can come to the bride's aid throughout the wedding planning process—and on the wedding day—by simply being herself.

Here are the five bridesmaids every bride needs.
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The Sassy One
This girl is ballz-y. She can say anything to anyone at any time –good or bad; without fear of the repercussions. She comes in super handy at the bar when a guy is being a creep, and she's the bride's biggest cheerleader. Put her in charge of your lingerie shower for an extra-festive soiree!

She's going to come in clutch when the processional is playing, the photographers are in position and some guests arrive late and think they can squeeze through the bridal party to get to their seat in the ceremony. This bridesmaid will SHUT. THAT. DOWN. Someone has to keep the guests in check.
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The Cousin (or Sister)
Who better than family to plan a sentimental bridal shower? Like every family, yours has a history; probably with a dash of weirdness, a sprinkle of crazy, and a pinch of normal. It's hard to explain your family to other people, but not to your cousin. You need one girl who has known you (and your family) your whole entire life. Who better to swoop in and save you when grandma starts to lecture you at the buffet about the tattoo she didn't know you had. This girl will distract grandma so you can get back to being a bride and not worrying about anyone.

The Party Girl
This girl can turn a grocery trip from blasé to thrilling. The party girl bridesmaid will, naturally, be the go-to for planning a killer bachelorette party.  She radiates joy and excitement, and she specializes in one very important thing: DANCING! Every wedding needs the bridesmaid who gets the party started and shuts down the dance floor at the end of the night. That takes commitment. This girl understands her most important role and will keep dancing no matter what.
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The Makeup Artist
The makeup artist is most likely your BFF who has been doing your makeup for years. Not only is she good at doing makeup, she LOVES doing it. This will be an advantage to the bridal party if one of the bridesmaids, or moms needs some help with their eye makeup. She'll love helping out and will help ensure everyone is photo-ready. Chances are, this one will also be your go-to for dress shopping!

The Comedian
Wedding planning can easily be accompanied by some overwhelming feelings. She'll be the first person you call when the stress of wedding planning sets in. All of your closest friends and family are getting together for the biggest day of your life. There could be a touch of drama, unexpectedly bad weather, or the groomsman who forgot his dress shirt. The comedian will laugh and keep things lighthearted through the ups and downs of the wedding day.
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