Three Tips For Looking Completely Natural In Your Wedding Photos
July 24, 2017
If you find yourself panicking over the mere thought of getting those engagement + wedding photos taken, know that you are not alone. Freeze face happens to the very best of us, and if you're more than ready to conquer those awkward poses and staged kisses, the uber-talented Bethany Rees of DOLA Photography is here to tell us exactly how it can be done. Cozy on up for a lesson in oh-so-natural wedding photos below.


When it comes to capturing natural images, I love to keep couples moving and doing things, so that they almost forget they are being photographed. Even small amounts of movement can make photos look less posed and stagnant. It’s great when couples are up for whatever I ask, like leading one another through a field or walking quickly together down a set of stairs, trusting that I will always make them look good. Even if they are just standing in one spot for me, I’ll ask them to sway, almost slow dance with each other, so there is always movement. A good photographer knows how to give direction to get natural looking photos out of anyone, no matter what their personality is like.


My style is also very photojournalistic, so outside of the time we do portraits together, I am constantly scanning the room on a wedding day looking for small moments - glances, laughs, hugs... those are the best candids. Sometimes I even hold my camera up and wait. I can see the photo in my head and I just need something small to happen, or someone to move into the frame to get it perfect, and it happens so quickly that if I didn't already have my camera ready at my eye, I would miss it! For those photos I need people to ignore me - a lot of times when people see a camera they want to pose or smile, which is great, but normally my favorite candid photos happen when people are just being present, enjoying themselves at the party and ignoring me.


Consider doing something that is just for the two of you. It doesn’t need to be something major, but a small moment or activity together gives an opportunity for me to just document what you’re doing together in an unscripted way. Get coffee, have a glass of champagne together, go off and eat your cake while watching the sunset. Give yourselves extra down time in your wedding day schedule to really allow yourself to relax and for spontaneous things to happen. Those in-between moments are always some of my favorite and the most natural looking photos! For engagement sessions, too, I recommend getting your hair and makeup done so you are feeling fabulous and confident… treat it like you’re going on a fun date!
You want your wedding day to rock, so finding a photog that can ease your mind and help you feel natural in front of the camera is key. Bethany Rees, studio owner of DOLA Photography, is one of those talented photographers, using her years of experience to snap images that are modern, timeless AND gorgeous... and all with an unobtrusive and laid-back style that will sooo put you at ease. We are all kinds of obsessed with her photojournalistic style, and her ability to snap those moments you didn't even know were happening. Do yourself a favor and contact her today for a wedding album filled with heart-tugging images you'll cherish for always.