Your Snow White Wedding Dreams Come True – With a Modern Twist!
July 24, 2017
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Eager to reclaim the fairytale castle for the modern Bride, Stefanie Kapra Photography and a team of talented vendors created this stunning wedding inspiration session located on the grounds of a German castle, Althoff Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg. By incorporating romantic elements and tying everything together with light blue, velvet accents – from the Groom's bow tie to the cake! – they created a light and airy feel for this traditional venue. So head on over to the gallery where all your Snow White wedding dreams will come true!
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From Stefanie Kapra Photography... Historic castles are one of the unique trademarks of Germany (at one time, Germany was home to more than 25,000 castles and palaces). While not all of them exist anymore, many of these grand buildings have been restored and today make for a perfect wedding venue for the sophisticated and modern Bride, providing a one-of-a-kind backdrop for a luxury wedding. Yet castles are also known to be old-fashioned, dark, dusty, and a bit stiff - not exactly the characteristics a modern Bride is looking for in her wedding venue. Therefore, our amazing team of wedding vendors came together to create a castle wedding inspiration session with a modern twist to show future Brides that a castle wedding can indeed be modern, airy, bright, sophisticated, fun, and glamorous.

The idea was to use traditional materials and items that would typically be found in old castles and tweak them in a way to fit a modern wedding. We therefore chose velvet as our main material, but instead of going with a gaudy gold or heavy dark red color, we opted for a light and modern grey-blue. We incorporated vintage golden elements (for example the trays, perfume bottles, and mirrors), which added a bit of glamour and elegance to the modern palette while tying in the history of the venue.

Beautiful and soft colored flower arrangements were a modern update on old-fashioned red roses. These floral arrangements were put together by Madita in such a dreamy and natural looking way that they looked as if they came right out of a fairytale. Ira and Merle set up a gorgeous table using the historic walls of the castle for the backdrop. Again, soft and light-colored materials were used, and velvet was incorporated in little accents. Last but not least, Ana also did her usual magic with all the stationery items, combining high end materials with modern calligraphy and a one-of-a-kind drawing of Schloss Bensberg to top it all of.

The blue velvet was our one element that tied everything together. From the menus, to the cake, to the Groom's tie, we subtly incorporated this luxury material in all our beautiful and thoughtfully created details. I then got to capture all this beauty on film with my vintage Contax Film camera – only fitting for this set-up and venue.

From Merle... This styled shoot combines classic, elegant, and modern elements and takes place in a very unique venue in Germany. I was always fascinated by weddings in castles. Therefore I was really happy when we found this beautiful and elegant venue for our shoot. Every little girl’s dream is to marry the love of your life in a venue like the castle Bensberg, which is located on top of a hill and offers a stunning view.

In this shoot, we combine the elegant fabric, velvet, in a modern color, blue. We used this for the decor, flowers, and the wedding cake. The purpose was to give this venue a certain kind of lightness, which is supported by the outdoor table setting, the outdoor ceremony, and the floral arrangements. I am delighted by all the lovely details like the calligraphy wedding stationery that has a drawing of the castle and the directions. This shoot proves how a classic castle wedding can be interpreted in a modern, fresh, but also classy way.