5 Wedding Dessert Options If You Just Don't Like Cake
July 20, 2017
Cake is synonymous with weddings—there's even an entire part of the reception dedicated to cutting it! But what happens if cake just isn't your thing? Well, you're in luck.
Lately, brides and grooms are taking a different approach to their post-dinner dessert, opting for different sweets or foregoing the sugar altogether. Here are our favorite ideas for non-traditional wedding desserts.

Cheese Wheels
Cheese lover? Consider creating a cake completely out of cheese wheels. This trend is becoming more and more popular for brides and grooms, but there are ways to mess it up. Be sure you taste the cheese before choosing the wheels for your cake and try to choose cheeses that balance each other out. We'll take a cheese tasting over a cake tasting any day.
Matthew Land Studios

Pancake Cake
If you're looking for something different, consider serving pancakes for dessert! Add chocolate chips or berries to give it that dessert-feel and offer syrup on the side in lieu of icing. Just be sure to pile it high to give it that element of "wow." Plus, you can even make one of these yourself. Follow this recipe from Betty Crocker, and mix it up to make it your own.

Donut Tower
Cake may not be your thing, but that doesn't mean you want to forgo dessert altogether. If that sounds like you, a donut tower is a great option. Many local donut shops offer this, but if they don't, it's an easy DIY cake option. Order clear tiered trays and fill each level with your favorite donut flavors. Your guests will love the options and the grab-and-go feel—it leaves more time for the dance floor!

Pie Table
Pie makes people feel at home. If you're looking for a cozy vibe at your wedding, consider a pie table. Maybe your mom makes a killer apple pie or your local bake shop has the most delicious pumpkin slices. Order a few of your favorites and display them on a long table at the reception. Top a few with a cute cake topper and viola! You have a beautiful and tasty addition to your wedding.

Candy Table
Remember the grab-and-go element we mentioned for the donut tower? This takes that idea and runs with it. Set up a bunch of different bowls filled with candy on a table at the reception and place little clear baggies next to them for guests to fill. It's a fun activity for the guests and it can double as your party favor!

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