How to Pack for Your Destination Wedding
July 17, 2017
When you have a destination wedding, one of the things brides often forget to think about is the packing. With tons of restrictions, and the possibility of (gasp!) losing your luggage, what you pack, what you carry on, and what you ship are super important things to think about prior to the big day.
Extra Clothes
You may have the entire week planned out, but there are always things that happen out of our control. Throw an extra white dress for the rehearsal dinner or an extra bathing suit for daytime activities in your checked luggage—you never know if you spill something or simply decide you want more options.
Honeymoon Items
While you don't need these items close to you in your carry on bag, don't forget to bring them! Whether you are jetting off on your honeymoon right after the wedding or waiting a few days, be sure to pack enough items to get you through the romantic getaway (and don't forget a few special items for your new to-be!).

If you need any important medications, carry those on with you! But for items like your hair dryer, shampoo, and face wash, pack those in your checked luggage. While you may be slightly disappointed if they don't make it to you on time, the hotel or nearby area (or better yet, one of your bridesmaids!) will likely have everything you need, so save the room in your purse for more important things.

Your Wedding Dress
We can't stress this one enough! Other than you and your fiancé, your wedding dress is the most important part of the day—don't leave it in the hands of a TSA agent or UPS worker. Just keep in mind that many airlines have restrictions on carrying on your dress: some may even require you to buy a separate seat for it. Do your research ahead of time so you aren't surprised when you get to the airport.
Important Outfits
While your "extra" outfits can be packed away under the plane, your important outfits (rehearsal dinner outfit, post-wedding lingerie, brunch attire) should all be kept close to you in your carry on. If you find yourself running out of room, enlist your mom or BFF to stash some things in their carry-on bags—you'll feel better knowing everything you need is right next to you the entire trip.

Family Heirlooms
If you're incorporating family heirlooms into your big day, put them in your carry on. Some things may be too big for this to be possible, but your grandma's serving spoons or vintage photos of your great aunt have a less chance of getting ruined if there are with you.

DIY Projects
Anything you need to make once you get to your destination, and even things you've made ahead of time, should be shipped. Just be wary: DIY projects are usually the easiest things to break, so pack them correctly and ship them knowing they may not arrive exactly as they were left.

Wedding Favors
If your wedding favors don't make it, will it really ruin your wedding? Hopefully not. And although they will most likely make it to you on time, wasting the room in your checked or carry-on luggage isn't worth it. Just be sure to ship things as far ahead as possible to ensure they arrive on time.

Welcome Basket Items
The same can be said for welcome basket items. If this doesn't make it through customs, you can probably send a groomsman out to re-purchase all the items in a timely manner. Just note: for any items you do decide to ship, be sure to check with your hotel about their storage policies; they may arrive in one piece, but have nowhere to go once they do.

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