The Basics Of Wedding Gift-Giving For Your Parents
July 16, 2017
They've been there from day one, and during this incredibly special moment of your life, your mom and dad have supported you with love, planning and advice, and maybe even financially. As a thank you for all of their help, both for your pending nuptials and throughout your life, plan to honor your parents with a gift of gratitude. Check out these basics of gift-giving for your parents.
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Choose the right time
It's tradition to present your gift prior to the wedding, but that doesn't mean you have to give them your gift on the day of your wedding; after all, the day of could be hectic and you might even have a few jitters that result in forgetting the presents in your bridal room. Many couples decide to honor their parents at the rehearsal dinner, but the right time is all up to you. Whether you publicly present a slideshow of family pictures dedicated to your parents at the rehearsal dinner, or you find a moment later that evening to give them a special token of thanks in private, any time is appropriate and will be well-received by Mom and Dad.

Make it personal
Sure, planning a weekend getaway for your parents is a very generous thank you, but, of course, not every budget allows for that extravagant of a gift. Instead, choose something more personal that your parents will cherish after the wedding is over. A print of the lyrics of their own first dance song, a special cocktail named after them at the reception, and, of course, a handwritten thank you note will go a long way in letting your parents know just how much you appreciate them.
Make it useful
Choose a gift that will not only be a special memento of your big day, but will also be useful on your big day. Spiff up your father with a personalized tie clip he can use on the day of your wedding, or present your mom with a delicate piece of jewelry to wear with her dress. The waterworks will, or course, be flowing, so make sure they each have an embroidered handkerchief to dab away the happy tears.

Go handmade
Remember how proudly your artwork was hung on the refrigerator? Mom and Dad will still proudly display any handmade piece you make. Rather than buying a picture frame, put your DIY skills to use and make one yourself, or write a poem that thanks them for all of their love. If you're not so handy or artsy, an artisan crafted piece is always more special than anything purchased from a big-box store.
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Picture it
Not only is this one of the most important days of your life, but it's also a momentous occasion for your parents. Chances are, they will want to relive each magical moment and show it off, too. Create a personalized photo book of the professional photos of your wedding and present it to your parents after the wedding. They'll beam with pride with every page turned.

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