Gray Is the New Black
July 12, 2017
Mid Atlantic
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What began as a friendship at work gradually grew into a beautiful love, and this couple's Virginia wedding is as classic as their story. The Bride looked stunning in her perfectly fitted Blue by Enzoani gown and her royal-worthy diamond and sapphire engagement ring, accompanied by her pretty Bridesmaids wearing shades of gray. Meredith Sledge Photography captured the beautiful day, and it's all waiting for you in the Vault.
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From Meredith Sledge Photography... Sarah and Jon met at work in September of 2011. Sarah remembers the first time she saw Jon at an event services meeting. Jon was presenting a financial forecast, and Sarah thought to herself, "That guy is so cute! But what is up with his 1950s hair style and blue suede space shoes?" Jon remembers when Sarah first started and thought to himself, "Man, Anna's sister is cute." (Sarah's sister worked with Jon at the time.) Over the next year, they would get to know each other as friends through happy hours and work functions.

In October 2012, Jon was preparing for Halloween and shaved his head to get into character as Walter White from Breaking Bad. Sarah wasn't at work on Halloween but ran into Jon later that week. She saw his completely bald head and thought he may be sick and became very upset. Thankfully Sarah learned it was just a costume. As Jon's hair grew back, and he decided to keep it short, Sarah took notice and developed a bit of a crush. Over the next few months, she planned happy hours to get to know him better. Jon, a connoisseur of happy hours, was always in attendance and thought Sarah was a lot of fun to be around. In January of 2013 at one particularly festive happy hour, they fell into conversation for hours and realized they were the only two left at the bar. They continued the evening bar hopping through DC, and a week later Jon called to ask Sarah out for their first official date. In June 2015, Sarah moved into Jon's house, and as a welcome present, he gave her his blue suede space shoes to be cut up and thrown out.

From the Groom... I had intended to propose at sunset on a boat ride while we were at Sarah's family cottage in Thousand Islands, but she kept going to bed at 8:30, so I realized I'd have to find another time. I wanted it to be a private moment for just the two of us, because I know how much she hates big scenes. On Saturday, July 2, we were going to run some errands for her dad and then take the boat out for a spin through the islands; I thought this would be the perfect time to propose. I stealthily grabbed the tripod and hid the ring in a sweater as the box was too big for my pocket. Sarah always gets cold so I knew she wouldn't suspect a thing if I brought a sweater for her just in case. Once we were out on the water, I suggested we take a picture with some of the islands in the background. I set up the tripod, and as we posed for the first picture, I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. I blacked out and don't remember if she said yes, but she is wearing the ring and we planned a wedding, so I assume she did. Best part – she didn't suspect a thing!

From the Bride... We had talked a lot about the timing of when we would get engaged. We both wanted to get married in 2017, and I told him for that to happen, he needs to propose by July 1, 2016, because we'd want to get married in the late spring/summer and avoid our busy work season. What can I say? I'm a planner. As July approached, we were getting ready to go to Thousand Islands. We were packing the car, and Jon must have asked me a hundred times to make sure the tripod was in the car, and he wouldn't let me carry his back pack. I thought to myself, "I wonder if the ring is in the back pack, and he is going to somehow incorporate the tripod into the proposal." On July 2 (a day past the deadline!), we were getting ready to run errands, and Jon made a big deal about bringing the tripod and said "I'm gonna grab a sweater in case you get cold." Had he not carried the sweater to the boat as though it had a time bomb inside of it and place it gently inside a cooler, I probably wouldn't have thought twice about it, but instead I wondered if the sweater had something hidden inside. Later as we were out on the water about to take some pictures, I learned my suspicions were correct. Regardless of how much intuition I may have had, nothing can prepare you for the moment it actually happens. When Jon got down on one knee, it still took my breath away. I'm pretty sure I said yes, although neither of us quite remember. Luckily Jon captured it all on camera!