When You Fall in Love with Someone Across the Ocean
July 10, 2017
Al FrescoRusticAl Fresco
We've all heard the phrase that "love knows no bounds" and for these two, that rings true in every sense. Jess, from Vancouver and Chris, from London are addicted to travel, which allowed them to find one another—and now, they're addicted to each other. What better way to experience their sweet love than with a film from Hello Tomorrow.
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From Hello Tomorrow... We met Jess. We LOVED Jess. She told us we would love Chris (who was in London). We believed her. Fast forward to just before the wedding. We finally meet Chris. Jess did not lie. We do love Chris. Jess and Chris together are SO fun, super laid back and addicted to travel. They even incorporated travel into their wedding and came from their home in London to the little mountain town of Pemberton to get married (doesn't matter that Jess is technically from Vancouver... ) As their love for travel and adventure is so apparent in all they do and the fact that BC blessed them with the best weather we've had to date this year - I think travel loves them too. We hope you enjoy their film!