A Gorgeous Elopement Set Above the Hills of Malibu
July 6, 2017
Blending modern with masculine and unabashed beauty, this hilltop wedding is alive with the sound of wedded bliss. And just wait until you hear how the adorable gentlemen behind the day met! It's the sweetest love story that culminates in an intimate Malibu affair planned by Wedding Kate with one of the most breathtaking ceremony spots we've ever encountered (and we've encountered A LOT). From pretty, pretty greenery by Unique Floral Designs to photographs with a view by Lucas Rossi, get lost in this gem right here.
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Jason was tired, but not just regular tired. He was LA tired. Sick of dating, traffic and 40+ hour work weeks with no end in sight. He needed to get away from it all. A cruise? That sounded like just what the doctor ordered! He booked his ticket and set sail. Night two was his formal dinner with a show that all the guests were talking about. The “singer is incredible” he overheard guests saying. He walked in and his breath was taken away. The singer was Gavin, a Brit, handsome as all get out and charming to boot. They made eye contact and fate, or mermaid magic, had it so they ran into each other about an hour later. They quickly fell in love and kept in touch long distance since Gavin was an ocean away all the time. When he was in port, Jason would fly to see him and although they loved their monthly tropical vacations together, they soon realized they needed a more permanent solution. Gavin took the leap and moved to LA, working for the TV show The Voice. Jason proposed and they decided they wanted an elopement set above the hills of Malibu. Malibu Solstice Vineyard was the perfect setting. Secluded and serene, we set the stage for these two gentlemen to have a private and intimate exchange of vows and a world class dinner to celebrate.