This Downtown Birmingham Wedding Has a Doughnut Wall!
July 5, 2017
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What could be better than a wall covered in sugary confections? This adorable downtown Birmingham wedding planned by Becky's Brides has found a permanent home in my doughnut-loving heart! Get right into the delicious gallery and film below, both by AL Weddings, who captured all the sweet details.
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From AL Weddings... This wedding is one for the books for sure! Let me just say floral circle. Doughnut wall. Peonies. It’s hard to described the joy that occurred the entire day on Saturday; however, it shows through so perfectly in these images. The laughter did not stop for a moment during the day, and if it did, it was most likely only because joy-filled tears flowing.

Chelsea and Phillip have some of the sweetest friends, and we loved spending the day with them. Each bridesmaid has been in Chelsea’s life for quite some time, and each did a wonderful job in filling a bridesmaid spot and being so supportive of her on the wedding day. One of her best friends cried at least three times (that I saw) due to one, how beautiful Chelsea is, and two, how extraordinarily happy she was for her best friend. This was basically the biggest reason for any tears throughout the day, and our biggest takeaway is that, wow, Chelsea and Phillip are loved a whole bunch!

These two have been together for 10+ years, so it’s hard not to be sentimental about their union. It’s been a long time coming and even longer in the making. We are completely overjoyed with having the chance to capture such precious memories for these two. We have enjoyed the journey, and the day of was a dream come true.

We talked about those peonies all day long – they are so amazingly perfect. They were also everywhere, which made me just as happy. Another thing that made me overjoyed and got me doing a happy dance was Chelsea’s dress. More specifically, the buttons on Chelsea’s dress – adorable! Love some buttons!

But my favorite thing about the wedding day was the sunset. It was perfect!