Bride Wore Her Late Mother's Dress for a Southern Backyard Wedding
June 30, 2017
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There's nothing sweeter than a Southern backyard wedding. Except maybe a Southern backyard in which the beautiful Bride wore her late Mother's debutante dress (complete with a red wine stain!). And oh, did she glow in it. Thanks to Eliza Morrill, we're soaking up just how lovely a backyard fete can really be.
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From Eliza Morrill Photography... If ever a wedding was a labor of love, Julie + Michael's backyard wedding is it. The couple, who met in New Orleans, knew that they wanted to keep their celebration simple and meaningful - so what better place to celebrate than in Julie's family's backyard? The renovated tudor home nestled in Columbus, Georgia was the perfect atmosphere for both the ceremony and reception. When asked about her vision for her wedding day, Julie said, "I just wanted something casual and inviting. I wanted people to feel like they were coming over for dinner at my family's home."

What's more, though, is every detail had sentimental value. Rather than dress shop for a couture gown, Julie opted to remake and wear her late mother's debutante dress - complete with a red wine stain - that meant more to her than any ordinary dress could have. Another personal touch? The very plates that her guests ate from. "I absolutely LOVED that all the china, silver flatware, and silver serving dishes were all from my family. It made the tables so interesting and it was just another detail that made it feel like dinner at my Dad's house."

The couple forewent the typical bridal party, and instead asked their brothers to stand next to them during the ceremony, which took place in the front yard. Guests gathered nearby to watch as the two exchanged vows, while Julie's grandparents watched, holding hands, from the patio above. Julie and Michael both love good food and the outdoors (Julie has hiked the entire Appalachian Trail by herself!), so a farm-to-table meal was perfect for them. Small round tables were sprinkled throughout the house and yard, while a beautiful farm table with stringed lights above sat the bridal party and their families. Though Julie isn't traditionally a cake eater, she made sure to have one as an homage to her sweet mother, who loved wedding cake. Julie opted to eat a pecan pie, baked by the groom! Guests danced to music spun on vinyl before the couple made their exit - down the hill, on their bikes, through a barrage of lavender. In true down-to-earth fashion, Julie offered this advice for brides-to-be: "It's one day that you will want to remember forever. Don't let stress cloud your experience. We decided from the beginning that if we hit a bump and disagreements come up, we would just abandon that idea. Planning a party shouldn't take the spotlight over such a big life event."