Floral Design for All Seasons + Venues
June 29, 2017
The best floral designs are inspired by the season, embrace your personal aesthetic, and are complementary to your venue. Here the experts at Laura Jean Floral share ideas to discuss with your floral designer to create a composition for your wedding that's unique to you while still embracing your chosen venue and the season. From foraging fresh greens to coordinating venue visits and from drawing inspiration from the linens to working with your venue's gardener on choosing blooms, here's the insider scoop on designing the best florals for all seasons and venues.
Photography: Meg Haley Photographs


If your wedding venue has a garden, consider connecting your floral designer with your venue's coordinator and gardener. Your floral designer will then be able to determine the colors and flowers that are just starting to bloom in the gardens surrounding the venue property. Incorporating similar blossoms and colors into their compositions will carry that spring garden indoors.

Spring season brings new growth. Everything is so fresh, flowering, and green – there are plenty of options for foraging. Have your floral designer forage flowering branches, wild greens, or bulbs to utilize in their designs whenever possible. Here at Laura Jean Floral, we specifically look in areas close to the venue to find fields and forests to forage to create a more specific composition for the event. You can check out our Instagram (@laurajean_floral) for examples of incorporating foraged materials in arrangements!

Spring is also the perfect season to add a pop of accent color to your palette. Ask your floral designer to add a touch of color, drawing inspiration from a focal aspect of your venue's design or logo.
Photography: Cambria Grace


Summer season and warm weather bring a lot of beautiful options to floral design. Everything is so lush and popping open this time of year. Most summer weddings take place outdoors, so the floral design should be an extension of that outdoor space. Incorporating locally foraged summer grasses, vines, and greenery can all help achieve that.

Consider infusing your floral arrangements with fruit from local farms or your caterer – peaches and citrus are always a favorite next to plush blossoms.

Tents are commonly utilized for summer weddings, and these areas are a perfect landscape for large scale floral installations and garlands. We love to drape tents in bright greens with pops of big, gorgeous focal flowers.
Photography: Nicole Baas


The Fall is a time of soft, natural lighting and rich, deep colors. During this season, many venues offer richer textures in their decor and linens. Show your chosen linens to your floral designer, as these colors and textures can influence your floral designer's choice of vessels and vases.

Foraging during this season will reward you with the most amazing foliage, berries, and branches! Added elements from your venue site – including moss, ferns, and greenery – can be included in your tablescapes and other aspects of your floral design.
Photography: Fat Orange Cat Studio


Winter season brings everything indoors. This is the perfect season for sculptural florals, whether it’s taller arrangements in a space with vaulted ceilings or plush, elaborate garlands to accentuate a staircase, purposeful compositions that highlight the space are key. As floral designers, we are always considering the space and highly recommend visiting your venue with your floral designer prior to your wedding.

Also have your floral designer source specific vessels and vases that complement the architectural details of your venue. By considering the fixtures and framing within your venue when making this choice, you can bring a sense of intimacy to the event.
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