This Gorgeous Elopement Captures the Spirit of Morocco
June 27, 2017
Where to even begin with this Moroccan wedding inspiration, planned and captured by Stefanie Kapra Photography? Inspired by the models, a recently engaged French couple who relocated and opened a guest house in Morocco, Stefanie and a small team of talented vendors created a light, airy, and natural looking elopement that effortlessly combined Western details with the magic of Morocco. You should probably head straight to this gallery, because you're going to want to pin every insanely gorgeous.
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From Stefanie Kapra Photography... Gaby and Alice fell in love with each more than 10 years ago, and as Alice puts it, they "are meant to be together." When this adventurous French couple first visited Morocco, they were immediately drawn to the unique country and its people. To them, "Morocco is a special country where magic happens in every corner and in every way." They decided to follow their hearts and dreams, and two years ago they opened a guest house in the Medina of Marrakech.

During their Moroccan journey, they met another inspiring young woman - American born Anouk. She, too, left behind the glam of New York and Paris, where she worked as assistant editor for French Vogue, to follow her dreams in Morocco, where she created Villa Anouk. It can best be described as a magical sanctuary between wild olive trees and stony country roads and is tucked away at the end of a dirt road near the coastal town of Essaouria. Anouk purchased an old and somewhat neglected country house with massive stone walls and turned it into the most beautiful villa you can imagine. Her love for detail and great sense for natural elegance shows in every corner of the fully remodeled villa. Enchanting and brimming with an earthy, boho vibe, the villa embodies tranquillity and is a perfect location to celebrate intimate weddings of nature-loving couples.

When Gaby proposed to Alice, they started planing a full sized wedding in their home country (France) with family and friends. But it was also important to them to celebrate their love and capture some romantic pictures in their new home, Morocco. What place could have been more perfect than their friend's villa?

This shoot and the beautiful details are a result of great teamwork and an inspiration that truly came from the heart. It was important to everyone to include the magic, soul, and spirit of Morocco, its unique arts, lovely decor, and amazing food, while steering away from the so often seen "One Thousand and One Nights" vibe. Details included the handmade wedding blankets which have a long tradition in Morocco purchased in the Souks, the refreshing fresh mint tea served in a brass teapot, the typical pastries that can be found in every market, and of course the many artisan details of the Villa.

But while it was important to incorporate traditional Moroccan details, this magical Moroccan elopement still has a Western twist. Western elements were effortlessly combined with traditional Moroccan pieces, and so we see Alice in a flowing, traditional white wedding dress with delicate lace details and an open back, and she is carrying a bohemian wild-flower bouquet. Her hair is styled in a loose, soft, and natural yet festive way, perfectly matching the vibe of the Villa. And the swoon-worthy invitations are designed and hand-written by the talented calligrapher, Ana of The Meaningful Script, using natural papers, a golden seal, and brass colored ribbon. This elopement is a perfect example how Moroccan tradition can be perfectly combined with western elegance to create an airy, stylish, natural look for a wedding in this stunning country.