This Texas Fete Has all the Anthropologie Vibes
June 26, 2017
Dripping Springs
ModernBohemianEvent Venue
If walking into Anthropologie gives you all the heart eyes, you're going to want to spend some solid time with this dreamy Texas fete coordinated by Heavenly Day Events and designed by Gypsy Floral. I mean, can you EVEN?! And let's just drop our jaws for this seriously beautiful Bride and her 'maids. I mean, come on, does it get any prettier? Lauren Peele made sure to snap up every single inch and her images have happily consumed my morning. Join me right here.
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From Heavenly Day Events... Hiring the best that Austin has to offer certainly paid off for Kate and Wes. Just look at these stunning details... a timeless palate flawlessly combined with modern and Anthro touches that just somehow worked due to the meticulous design efforts made by Gypsy Floral. Wisely, they partnered with Loot Vintage Rentals, Birch & Brass and Premiere Event Rentals to bring all of these fabulous details to life. Building backdrops, creating displays and styling is something these designers clearly mastered. Of course, Prospect House is a dream that affords the best of natural light that can be chased all day against it's crisp and white walls. A blank canvas for the best of all creativity to run wild. Photographer, Lauren Peele captured it with top level talent.

To provide a unique guest experience, Kate and Wes opted to hire Vannagram for memory making photos and chose to incorporate Voodoo Doughnuts in their dessert set up, alongside a cake from Sweet Treets Bakery. And yes, that's with two E's. Of course, part of the experience was having Peached Tortilla bring it home with an amazing menu. Known for their fusion, they wow'd guests with droolworthy awesomeness such as peach bbq sauce.

And can we talk about how stylish Kate is as a bride? I keep finding myself drawn to her look- that hair and makeup are breathtaking. Hint of Shimmer really brought out her natural beauty with a loose up-do and soft skin. As expected with a stylist of this caliber, Kate's look managed to survive a night on the dance floor, courtesy of DJ Mark Warren, whom had guests on their feet all.night.long.

What does every wedding need to bring this all together? An event manager! Heavenly Day Events swooped in alongside Kate in the last six weeks to reconcile and tie it all in a bow. Having a fabulous team is on Heavenly Day's "must have" list when considering clients and this was no exception in the fabulous team department.