How to Plan the Perfect Honeymoon (For The Opposites-Attract Couple)
June 23, 2017
Having diverse interests is probably one of the things that makes you such a strong couple—you're always teaching each other new things, even if it causes a few disagreements. Planning your dream honeymoon together is just another way to strengthen your union, and have the trip of a lifetime to look forward to post-wedding.

Here are five honeymoon planning tips for the couple who may not agree on every detail.

Set your budget.
While obvious, it's important to do first - it's no fun planning your dream trip only to discover it's way outside your means. Be realistic with yourselves about how much money you're able to comfortably spend - factor in any honeymoon registry contributions, if you have one. Don't forget to look for savings in unlikely places - specifically any airline, hotel and credit card rewards you can cash in. These days you can use airline miles to book hotels, hotel points to book rental cars, credit card points for a new bikini - you get the picture!

Finally, agree on where you'll prioritize spending your money - do you want to go somewhere exotic and far away if it means less money for a hotel? Will you splurge on adventures but not meals? Don't skimp on somewhere pleasant to stay—you'll want a beautiful place to relax together at the end of the day!

Agree on the feel of the trip.
What do you picture: lounging by the water? Thrill seeking excursions? Exotic dinners? Choosing exotic vs. familiar, city vs. country, mountain vs. ocean will help you narrow your list. The great news, if you're like my fiancé and me, is there are plenty of places where you can have it all (or close to it). We are travel opposites, so we chose Spain to be able to explore new cities, but also lay on some beautiful beaches.

Think about the weather and time of year.
Once you decide when you're able to go (whether right after the wedding or several months later), be realistic about the weather at your possible destinations. If you know you want snow, or warm waters, it's a great way to narrow down your list. You can also eliminate options if you know it'll be peak tourist season, and too expensive or crowded. Do your research and find a spot that will have your ideal weather, but won't be peak visitor season for the best experience.

Try something new.
Having a brand new activity you'll try on your trip is a great way to build anticipation for your honeymoon. Trying something new together is also a wonderful way to create lasting memories. For the couple that has varied interests, it's a good way to find common ground (rather than planning something just one of you likes). While my fiancé and I differ on a lot of things, we both love food, so we decided our first cooking class was the perfect activity!

My fiancé and I had the best time planning our honeymoon because it was all about building an experience that would offer new memories.  We'll get to tap into our shared love of long dinners, exploring castles, and shopping open air markets. I'll indulge his love of art museums, let him linger in front of a few paintings (then he'll escort me to the museum cafe), and he'll lounge on a beach for me (but I'll be sure to sneak in adventurous boat ride for him). Embrace the compromise!

Style Me Pretty Contributor - Chloe O'Sullivan is a freelance writer and sales director based in Washington DC (soon relocating to Northern New Hampshire). When she isn't writing, she can be found trying new restaurants, planning her next trip, or hiking with her soon to be husband.