An Itinerant Wedding in an Ancient Sardinian Village
June 22, 2017
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Sara Carboni Luxury Events and photographer, Marta Guenzi, dreamed up an itinerant wedding located in an ancient Sardinian village that has completely swept me off my feet. The day began with a ceremony at the cathedral, followed by sampling locally-sourced appetizers and drinks at stations nestled along the quaint streets. The party then participated in the traditional preparation of the wedding bread before enjoying an elegant al fresco dinner and finishing the evening with dancing on the beach. Yes, it is as amazing as it sounds.
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From Sara Carboni Luxury Events... There is always a good reason to choose Sardinia as a wedding destination. One of these is the medieval hamlet of Tratalias, enclosed in the territory of the Sulcis, in the south of this ancient land. It was built around the year 1000 and today is completely uninhabited. It features a cathedral and old peasants', pilgrims', and shepherds' houses. The beautiful landscape and the romantic atmosphere give this location a very particular awesomeness with picturesque scenes.

Since I received the permission from the municipality of this village to organize real destination weddings there, I decided to organize an inspiration shoot together with the photographer Marta Guenzi, styling a wedding along the streets of this charming hamlet. In our vision, history meets nature, and together they create a real sensory experience featuring a taste of Sardinia – myrtle, rosemary, and laurel perfumes.

We imagined a weekend party, a special occasion to spend time and create unforgettable moments with the most special guests while breathing in an ancient and romantic atmosphere. We used the beautiful Cathedral of Santa Maria di Monserrato as the setting of the outdoor ceremony. Next came the aperitifs – the couple sipped on red wine while discovering the ancient medieval village and admiring objects handmade in the labs: hand-painted shawls, wooden furniture, pottery, and woven linens. As they wander, they come across beautiful corners we prepared for them to taste Sardinian local delights: pecorino cheese, olives, jams, wines, and myrtle liqueur. In order to fully experience local tradition, we the bridegrooms and their guests attended the preparation of the wedding bread called “su coccoi de sa sposa”, made by a woman wearing traditional Sardinian dress.

This was followed by an elegant candlelight dinner under the olive trees, tasting excellent Sardinian food. We thought about details able to take you back in time: a rich mise en place with silver cutlery and gold adorned plates that intentionally contrast with the natural and rustic elements like the wooden table. To harmonize everything, we chose light pastel colors for the floral decorations, using English Austin roses mixed with the olive leaves.

Finally, the party concluded at a white sand beach with dancing and relaxing corners with pillows.