Suspended Centerpieces Make for Wildly Romantic Wedding Decor
June 21, 2017
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Located on a stunning, family-owned ranch, this outdoor wedding inspiration session enhanced the natural beauty of the venue using unique design elements for a rugged, romantic look. Coco Fleur Events created a captivating backdrop for the couple's nuptials, wrapping oak trees with pretty, blooming garlands. For the reception, the breathtaking centerpiece was suspended from the same tree – a unique, ethereal statement piece. Melanie Julian Photography captured the gorgeous shoot, and it's all waiting for you here.
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From Liz Ise of Chancey Charm Wedding Planning and Design... Every element of this shoot was pure magic. Drawing inspiration from the muted tones and drought-ridden fields that scatter throughout southern California, we created this stunning al fresco wedding editorial in northern Texas. Many people wouldn't believe that north Texas and southern California share many similar landscapes, but the soft rolling hills, natural grasses, and endless evening sun almost perfectly match. We wanted to bring the trends the West Coast has been seeing to the heart of Texas.

Letting the natural beauty of your venue speak for itself is the best way to simplify the design process. Don't force anything, but allow the colors you choose to be accents to the surroundings. Flying V Ranch, with its sprawling fields and vintage charm, was the perfect setting for this rugged, romantic shoot. The golden hour light filled every corner of the family-owned ranch.

Operated by the sweetest mother-daughter duo, Flying V Ranch is a hidden gem just outside of Fort Worth, Texas. Originally a cattle auction barn, the interior space brings your white shiplap dreams to life. Using her interior design background, Page Warner designed every element on the property to cohesively blend the vintage charm Texas is known for with modern, architectural elements. It's as if "Fixer Upper" and Restoration Hardware came together to create the perfect background for your wedding day. The lands that surround the barn and ceremony space make you feel as if you're in your own private piece of southern paradise. You'll immediately feel at home and completely comfortable in each space.

Using the natural elements of the ranch as inspiration, we decided to take each portion of the wedding outdoors. Three large oak trees featuring crystal chandeliers created the most beautiful focal point for the ceremony. To not distract from the strength and unity of these entwined trees, Lisa Stiles of Coco Fleur Events wrapped lush florals and natural greenery amongst the branches to bring a softness to the space. Vintage pieces and handmade church pews were simple accents to complete the look while letting the natural scenery speak for itself. Our goal was for guests to feel the intimacy of the space as soon as they walked onto the property.

Cocktail hour was brought to the barn's patio, outfitted with vintage barrels and hay bales which created the perfect cocktail tables for the space. Flying V Ranch has repurposed so many materials from the original barn, and these unique pieces make this space unlike any other in the area. You can feel this history and family roots in each piece. This space, with wild grassland and cattle grazing around the perimeter, is a casual and rugged backdrop perfect for a post-ceremony cocktail.

For the reception, we couldn't help but think outside the box... Or should we say barn Incorporating the same winding floral arrangements as the ceremony space, we showcased the natural landscape again by hanging our arrangement above the wood farm reception table. Lush blooms and weathered driftwood encapsulated the muted and organic color palette perfectly. Our goal was to create a complete wow moment for guests as they walk into the reception area. With the blooms hanging overhead, it allowed guests to easily chat while seated at the table. A romantic silk runner accented with vintage brass candle sticks created movement with every slight, passing spring breeze. Each guest had a hand-calligraphed place card on natural driftwood greeting them as they took their seat.

Along with showcasing the natural beauty of the ranch, we wanted to sprinkle in a few modern touches. Just because you want to have an outdoor and natural wedding doesn't mean you have to skimp on modern trends and materials! The ghost chairs were a perfect complement to the rustic elements and allowed that golden light to shine right through. They brought just enough modernity to this design without being distracting.

We could feel Brittany and Brandon's genuine passion for each other with every stolen kiss and sweet caress. This Sarah Seven gown from the a&bé bridal shop in Dallas was absolutely stunning on our Bride and captured the effortless, organic sexiness that the overall shoot evoked. Brandon couldn't keep his eyes off his girl, and we can totally see why!