5 Years and 4 Kids Later, They Planned a Vow Renewal to Remember
June 21, 2017
New England
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When Kim and Shiloh tied the knot five years ago, it wasn't exactly their dream wedding. Fast forward to their life four kiddos later, and Kim decided it was high time for a vow renewal that felt a bit more "them." She enlisted the help of some of her amazing colleagues in the wedding industry, including BBJ Linens, and surprised Shiloh with a celebration set in coastal Rhode Island. It was a day chock-full of special moments, including the couple's four boys who came along to cheer on mom and dad.
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From the bride, Kim.. When my husband and I were first wed, we had no budget, threw a wedding together very quickly, and it wasn't ideal. Since then, I entered the wedding industry as a wedding photographer and I realized what I would have done differently if I had the chance to do it all over. That thought gave me an idea. Since our five year anniversary was coming up I decided to enlist my favorite vendors and surprise my husband Shiloh with a vow renewal.

We planned for months, I enlisted the help of my dear friends Mollie + Julianna along with my photographer friends Kearsten + Tiffany. Together we planned out every little detail. I knew I had to host with my favorite Events Team - Longwood. We went back and forth between Belle Mer and Newport Beach House but since I'm such a beach girl at heart we went with Newport Beach House.

Shiloh was completely surprised and soaked up every moment of it. I even had our four boys read a few scripture verses during the vow renewal. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. I can't wait to hang these photos on my walls for years to come. I hope to throw an even bigger vow renewal for our 10 years and this time includes our family and friends.