What a Bride Needs to Know Before Hiring a Wedding Stylist for Her Big Day
June 19, 2017
You've spent hours on Pinterest, creating a mood board for your wedding, but now you don't know where to begin to take that idea of what you want your wedding to look like and how you want the day to feel and make them into a reality. That's where a wedding stylist comes in, but many brides aren't sure what exactly a wedding stylist does. So we asked Kiss From Fleur to break it down for you. She covers everything from a stylist's responsibilities and how to know if you should hire one to what to look for when choosing your stylist and how to work together with them.
Photography: Cornelia Lietz


So what exactly is a wedding stylist, and how is this different from a wedding planner? Your wedding planner organizes, sources, manages, checks, controls, and trouble-shoots everything that needs to be done before, during, and oftentimes even after the wedding. A wedding stylist, on the other hand, should have a background in design and is much more like the makeup artist of your wedding – responsible for everything that makes you and your guests feel amazed and carries you away into another world. The stylist will match your wedding aesthetic with your personal style, from choosing the colors and fabrics, arranging the flowers (or working with the floral designer to execute their vision), creating the ambience, styling the tablescape, and more.
Photography: In Love by Bina Terré


Engaged couples often do not have the time to plan and organize the small details of their wedding, yet these details are what make the difference in the event! Some couples do not know much about – or may not enjoy – choosing color palettes, acquiring stylish decorations, or putting together exceptional designs. Hiring a wedding stylist will make your life so much easier, because stylists create a bespoke concept to fit your personal style. A great stylist will ask you about your vision, wishes, tastes, and preferences, taking the time to really get to know you. They will then use this information to match you with the perfect vendors to make your wedding dreams come true. Just choose a venue that you love, and the stylist will treat it like a beautiful, white canvas which they will personalize for you. Hiring a wedding stylist will take away so much stress, allowing you to be sure that everything – from the ceremony to the reception, from the stationery to the tablescape, from your wedding dress to your florals – will create a harmonious look and experience.
Photography: In Love by Bina Terré


Some couples allocate responsibilities to their family members or friends to save the money they'd spend hiring a stylist. But that also means not everyone will be able to enjoy and experience your special day to the fullest, as they will have to fulfill certain tasks during the wedding day. Handing over the full responsibility to the stylist will allow you, your friends, and your family focus on what's important during the day, to not be stressed, and to enjoy your celebration while you rest assured that everything visual will be just the way you wanted it to be.
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With passionate creativity, artistic aesthetics, and a unique appreciation for fine arts, your wedding stylist will approach your wedding concept with the goal of reflecting you as a couple and to encapsulate your distinct style and character – whether you are having a lavish feast or an intimate elopement.
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Just like each couple, every wedding is different from another. That´s why a great stylist will focus on composing visually engaging, signature style elements that mirror your personalities. Furthermore, stylists are "mood makers" evoking emotions and setting the scene for your individual vision. You should seek out a stylist who will design a bespoke wedding for you, without forcing upon you a ready-made style package full of non-negotiable elements.
Photography: Cornelia Lietz

The Single Source

It's important to hire a wedding stylist with experience in design, so that he or she has the ability to understand what it takes to execute the concept. The stylist will choose the right vendors who will be able to achieve the requested design and who will understand the vision and process to guarantee you the perfect overall look. From flowers to cake, from stationery to venue decoration – you´ll get all that and even more from a single source – your wedding stylist!
Photography: Cornelia Lietz

Personal Connection

Make sure to research your wedding stylist thoroughly, asking for recommendations from friends or other vendors and then meeting with the stylist in person. You want to look for someone you feel connected to! It is very important that you are on the same page and feel comfortable working and spending time together while planning.