3 Ways to Ensure You + Your Wedding Hair Stylist Are On The Same Page
June 19, 2017
Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day and communication with your hair stylist is key for getting the look you want. Read on for three ways to ensure you and your hair stylist are on the same page:

Observe Styles Together
"Showing your hair stylist photos of what you like and do not like is very helpful. Include photos to show what you mean by 'boho' or 'sophisticated'," says Megan Garmers, Founder and Director of NYC-based MG Hair and Makeup. After over twenty years of experience, she knows what it takes to work well with a bride and achieve the look the bride wants and needs for her big day.

This will ensure you do not have any misunderstanding about the terminology you are both using. Showing photos will also give your stylist the ability to advise you on your choices and let you know how that style will look with your hair color, length, and texture.

Begin Planning Early
Meeting with a stylist months in advance will allow you to look at many photos, and try out a few styles to narrow down what is working for you, and what is not.

"One of the biggest mistakes brides make are usually related to waiting too long to meet with a stylist and begin hair trials. Rushing at the last minute can be very stressful and may lead to you making a decision that you later regret," Garmers says.
Be Honest & Realistic
You may have seen a beautiful hairstyle on Pinterest that you want to recreate but it could be unrealistic for your hair length, color, or texture. "Unfortunately brides will try to use specific accessories or hair extensions to make the hairstyle a reality and it becomes frustrating for the bride," Garmers says. Being honest about your hair and having an open dialogue about what needs to happen to create that hairstyle will lead you to the right decisions.
With the help of a hair stylist you trust, you will have the beautiful hair style you envisioned for the big day. Garmers encourages brides to stay true to who they are. "Some brides do not fit into one box of a wedding theme and that is okay. Today you can be an individual and show off your personal style. A good stylist will be able to marry your wants and your needs to help you pull off the look you envisioned for yourself," Garmers says.

Style Me Pretty Contributor - Kylie Thompson is a freelance writer, blogger and marketing professional from Grand Rapids Michigan, where she resides with her husband. When she isn't working, you will find her exploring Grand Rapids' newest culinary establishments with her husband, or traveling up and down Lake Michigan's coast.